Heidi Knight School of Dance


Please visit our website http://heidiknightdance.com for updated

2020-2021 calendar, class descriptions, fees, and policies, including Covid-19 policies & procedures. Returning families: some payment policies have changed. Please read through updated information carefully so you will know what to expect.

Classes begin Monday, August 24th!


Returning families (including new summer students) may register in their existing Customer Portals starting July 27th at 5:00pm.

New families may register at http://heidiknightdance.com starting August 3rd at 5:00pm.

*Note: We encourage you to register early for the best selection of classes. Class sizes are extremely limited due to social distancing guidelines and will fill up quickly.

Fees Due At Registration (Non-Refundable):

  • Annual Registration Fee: $35 per student
  • First monthly tuition installment (August/June)

Class Schedules

Please check the schedules below for available class times / days for your child and follow these guidelines:

  • All ages are as of September 1, 2020, or child's upcoming school grade, unless approved through our office. Please email us at office@heidiknightdance.com if you have questions.
  • Class descriptions are available on our website under "Classes Offered". Please read the descriptions and specific level requirements carefully. If you have questions please email us. Mrs. Heidi will check emails and respond with the correct placement for your child. Please try to do this BEFORE registration begins.
  • If you register online for the incorrect level/class your registration will be considered "pending" and we will contact you to change classes.
  • The schedules below list in-person and live virtual class options. You will be required to choose either in-person or virtual when you register.

Interested in additional options for daytime dance or school tutoring & supervision?

Now that many of our dancers will be starting school remotely, we are planning to offer additional day-time options for our dance families.

We need some information so we can design the programs our families need.

Please fill out the survey below if you are interested in Kindergarten & Up in-person or virtual dance classes during the day, OR if you are interested in your child attending HKSD during the day for school tutoring & supervision (with the possibility of dance add-on classes).

We will send out all registration information to those who are interested and fill out this survey:

Please email us at office@heidiknightdance.com or call our office (256-430-4315) if you have any questions about the schedule or registration. We will be happy to help!

We are so excited to start our 18th season - #hksdseason18!

Summer Office Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-7:00pm

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