President Zero

Andrew Jackson, the zero man.

Worcester v. Georgia

During the Indian Removal Act, the Cherokees were still trying to find a way to stay in whats left of their land by making a petition and sending it to court for a ruling. Once they were in court, Chief Justice Supreme Court John Marshall said that they could stay in their land. Once Andrew Jackson got the news, he just simply ignored it and said to keep the Indian Removal Act in play. So the Cherokees never got their land back and had to move west away from home.

Poor Cherokees

Andrew Jackson is a very selfish person. All he wants is power and land. He made the Cherokee Indian Tribe move west out of their land for the Americans wealth and good. The Cherokees had to take the "Trail of Tears". It is called that because during the journey west, many have died from starvation, disease, sickness, etc.

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No More Bank

Andrew Jackson took down the national bank just because he didn't particularly like Henry Clay. He also said that the National Bank was only for the wealthy, and not for the common man. Some people think that and some don't, but that bank did help America's economy stay stabilized but since it's gone now then who knows what will happen to the economy now?

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This cartoon above is showing that Andrew Jackson is using his powers like a king. He doesn't care about the US Constitution so that's why it's torn up into pieces and that is also why he is stepping on it. So basically he is abusing his powers like a king would in a monarchy.