Bacillus cereus

Food Borne Illness


These symptoms include watery diarrhea, abdominal craps, rarely vomiting, and rarely nausea. These symptoms occur about 5-6 hours after intake of food

What is this virus?

A rod shaped, aerobic, beta hemolytic bacterium found in soil and food

How do you get this?

This illness comes from eating rice, soup, sauce, and leftovers that have been sitting out in for a while in the wrong temperature

How Do You Treat This?

Drink lots of fluids with electrolytes, hospital treatment may be necessary in severe cases, and antibiotics can help too.

Who is most likely to get it?

People who dont use the correct times and temperatures

How do you prevent this?

Follow the correct temperatures/ times when cooking, wash hands before and after cooking, clean all cookware, avoid setting ready to eat food next to uncooked food.