Sixth Grade Camp

Camp Dates - October 18, 19, 20th

Based on our change to universal masking at the August 23, 2021 Board Meeting and safety concerns, we made the decision to change the 6th grade camp experience from overnight to a day camp setting. In looking at multiple alternatives with the Camp Nuhop Staff, we can still provide similar experiences of outdoor education and relationship building in a day camp setting.

We will keep the dates for camp the same. Students will arrive at school and attendance will be taken as usual. Afterwards, all 6th grade students will take a school bus to a local park and engage in similar experiences with the camp staff. Our school teachers and high school students will also be present to serve as chaperones and engage with our students.

Students will need to pack a lunch each of these days. Families and students who might need a school lunch will be provided a form to complete at a later date. Students should also plan on any weather situation by packing raincoats and wearing clothes that can get wet or muddy. We will end each day back at the school before the dismissal bell rings, so students can still ride their bus home.

Thank you for patience and understanding as we make these adjustments to still provide a great experience for your student. More information will be coming, but we want to inform families of our shift to the day camp setting.