MacArthur Elementary School

May 8, 2020

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Are you moving?

If your children will not be attending MacArthur for the 2020/2021 school year please call the office at 662-3600 or email or
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We are so appreciative of all the time our volunteers have served for us & our students this year. We wish we were able to honor, celebrate, and recognize their efforts in person. This year we virtually applaud you and all the ways you support us throughout the year. We would not be able to do our jobs without all your time and support.

Notes from the Principal

Dear MacArthur Families,

Congratulations on making it through another week of distance learning. A huge thank you to everyone who reached out to our teachers and thanked them during Teacher Appreciation Week. I loved Jimmy Fallon’s song this week when he stated teachers deserve a billion dollars for what they are doing with distance learning. I think the one thing we tend to forget is that in most cases the teachers themselves have children at home too, besides teaching our MacArthur students.

This week was also Nurses Day, so a huge thank you to Nurse Jodi Kovachkoff for all her extra special care for all our students and staff.

Last, but not least a huge thank you to all our volunteers over this past school year. We could not do what we do at MacArthur without our volunteers. MacArthur offers so many wonderful and unique programs for our students and we are so blessed to have the help of so many volunteers.

Thank you,

Marian Buchko

Contact Information:

Phone: 219-662-3600 ext. 16001


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Mental Health Tips for Parents

News from Our School Counselor


May is Mental Health Awareness Month.While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. Now more than ever it it so important to break any stigmas associated with mental health/illness. As I shared last week, the Indiana Family and Social Services Association just released Be Well Indiana. This website provides information supporting wellness for all Hoosiers. Check out the free mental health tips, video library, COVID-19 specific resources, and much more.

For more information on Mental Health Awareness Month and for resources and tips, please visit :

Alicia Bellamy M.S. Ed, LPSC

School Counselor

4th & 5th Grade Music Assignment


“In music class last week,

the 4th and 5th graders had to compose (create)

Their own rap, and they did great!

Here are some highlighted creations for you …

We hope that you enjoy them too!”

Here is what the students saw (the exact description I put into buzz for the assignment):

How to compose your RAP:

#1 = You must have at least 4 phrases in your rap. A phrase is like a sentence. If you see below (my example) I have included 4 phrases in that rap.

#2 = Make each pair of phrases (sentences) rhyme within your rap. Notice my two green phrases end with rhyming words and so do my two purple phrases.

#3 = Use this link to keep the beat while you compose, practice, or perform your RAP (click here).

Here is my example:

"I am sitting home and making a rap.

I use a pencil, to the beat I tap.

My dog thinks it’s cool, my Mom likes it too.

I think I can rap. How about you?"

Happy Birthday!

We would like to wish the following students Happy Birthday this week!

Marissa G. - Mrs. MacPherson

Jonathan M. - Miss Bryner

Pierce A. - Mrs. Newsome

Aiden J. - Mrs. T. Zarndt

Eric L. - Mrs. Dembowski

Ginger M. - Mrs. Nekoomaram

Jordan M. - Mrs. Newsome

Kayla Y. - Mrs. Copeland

Dane B. - Mrs. Nekoomaram

Food Service News

Crown Point Community School Corporation

Food Service Department

will be changing the schedule for meal distribution.

Open to All Crown Point Students in Need

Beginning April 28

To provide greater safety to you and your family we will distribute meals every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the year. Pick up times will remain the same between 10 a.m. and noon at Timothy Ball, Jerry Ross, MacArthur and the Crown Point High School.

Tuesdays you will pick up meals for two days.

Thursdays you will pick up meals for three days.

On Friday, April 24, you will be able to pick up meals for Friday and the following Monday. The new schedule will start on Tuesday, April 28.

If you have experienced a decrease in your income, please feel free to use our program.

You may also complete a Free and Reduced application which can be found on website under Departments/Food Service. Once completed, please scan and email to:

You may also mail it to the following address:

Crown Point Community School

Support Service Center

1151 E. Summit St

Crown Point, In 46307

If you are unable to pick meals up, please email

If you have any questions, please email Pam Maloney at or call 219 662 6480 ext. 20050

Cedar Lake Boys & Girls Club


I hope that all is well with you and your families. We miss the members so much at the Club. We wanted to share our new Club Connect page that we just launched. Parents can call our Club Connect Hotline for E Learning help. They will be set up then for a Zoom Meeting with our Education Coordinator as well as with the Club or Program Director to assist. We are also starting to pass out meals once a week here at the Club they can drive by and pick up the meals on the set days. All information can be found on the new Club Connect page at

Thank You,

Adam Clough

Club Director

Cedar Lake Boys & Girls Club

13000 Fairbanks

Cedar Lake, IN 46303

219-374-5306 x 304 (Office)

219-617-1627 (Cell)

Buddy Bag Families

We would like to let you know where you can pick up Buddy Bags. Please remember to bring your punch card!

Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm at The First United Methodist Church, 352 S. Main St, also there Saturday mornings from 10 til noon.

Thursday from 10 til noon we are at MacArthur and Timothy Ball.

Thursday Afternoons we are at The Boys & Girls Club from 2:30 til 4:30.

"Audible" Free Child Book Access

Audible Stories: Free Audiobooks for kids.

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Big picture

Current information to help you reduce anxiety related to the Covid-19/Coronavirus

Current information to help you reduce anxiety related to the Covid-19/Coronavirus from SAMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

Below are web addresses you can explore for more resources.

These websites have excellent resources on how to talk with your teens about the Covid-19 virus, explaining Covid-19 to kids and a lot more on dealing with our reaction to the virus and pandemic…




For ideas when you are spending time with your kids, family or friends…




To learn how to actually DO those relaxation and breathing exercises…