VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Sam Cohen

Fill in the Blank with the Most Appropriate Word from Chapter 7

The UCLA basketball program was regarded as a ________ because it won ten of twelve NCAA championships from 1964 to 1975.
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Correct Word

Dynasty (n.)

  1. a succession of rulers from the same family group or line
  2. a succession of influencial people linked by familial, political, socail, or cultural association
  3. in sports, a team that excels in its league

Other Forms

dynastic - adjective

dynastical - adjective


dunamis (G.) - "power"

dunasthai (G.) - "to be able," "to have strength"

Dynasties are very powerful and influential, therefore they "have strength."


First Definition

  • empire
  • regime
  • dominion

Second Definition

  • ancestry
  • pedigree


First Definition

  • democracy
  • sovereignty

Second Definition

  • no direct antonym; think unrelated (family)

Dynasties in History


From around 2850 BC until 1916, dynasties ruled over China. The longest of these was the Zhou Dynasty that lasted from approximately 1046-256 BC. This dynasty used the Mandate of Heaven to convince its subjects of its legitimacy. This tactic would be used by most of the later dynasties.


Egypt's first dynasty is estimated to have started about 3100 BC. Not much has survived about this dynasty but it is believed that there were nine kings and they practiced human sacrifice.


England's monarchy is not so much a dynasty today because they hold so little power, but in previous centuries the monarch was the outright ruler. This unrestricted power ended in 1215 with the Magna Carta, which gave the nobels power in the government.

Choose the Sentence in which the Bold-Faced Word is Used Incorrectly

  1. Following King Charles's beheading, no dynasty ruled over England for eleven years.
  2. The dynastic University of Connecticut women's baskeball team holds the record for winning ninety straight games over the course of three years.
  3. The dynastic cycle of rulers was able to continue when the King's best friend took over the throne following the King's death.
  4. The shortest dynasty in China's history was the Qin Dynasty, which lasted fifteen years.

The Correct Answer

Sentence 3 because the best friend would not have the same bloodline as the King, therefore it would not be dynastic.