Now Presenting Instrumental Music..

Come and Listen to this widely controversial music today!

What is it?

What is instrumental music you might ask? Well, instrumental music is a musical composition without lyrics or singing. The music is primarily produced by musical instruments. Instrumental music became very popular in the Baroque era, and it was as important as was vocal music, for the first time. As musicians and composers began to specify which instruments should play which part in instrumental music, the importance of instrumental music increased. Not only that, but composers began choosing specific instruments for their tone color.


During the Baroque era, many advancements were made in instruments. String instruments were made using gut as string and woodsing instruments were made of pure wood. During this time, trumpets were still evolving and were used but rarely, because of their volume. Large kettle drums called timpanis were also used. Keyboard instruments were also very common during this time, and the 3 most popular ones were the organ, the clavichord, and the harpsichord.

Forms of instrumental music...

Like any type of music, there are and were many forms of instrumental music. Some of them include....

- Free Forms such as the prelude included embellishments and a feeling of improvisation although the piece was notated.

- Structured forms were written according to the rules of counterpoint, including the fugue which was based on a single melody.


Antonio Vivaldi


He was a prolific composer of instrumental music, from Italy. He spent most of his life as the music master of the most prominent music concervatory in enice. He has wrote over 500 concertos and traveled throughout Europe.

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Johann Sebastian Bach


He was an important Lutheran cantata composer, and was also a prolific one. His works included other sacred works, secular cantatas, orchestral music, chamber music, keyboard music, and organ music.

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