The Sweet Life of k-9s

so your aunt wont let you get a dog

by: Lawrence Johnson

Want a dog but your aunt keeps saying they're to much work? She might say no you have to let it outside before school, after school, and before bed. Your aunt might also say we dont have time for a dog because we're out of the house too much. "There are more than 400 breeds of dogs around the world."

Funny things about dogs

Here are some funny things about dogs. Dogs can be funny when they roll over , and lay on you sometimes. Dogs can also be funny when they jump on other dogs I don’t know why but they just do that and I always thought it was funny that they did that! One other thing thats funny about dogs is that

Cute things about dogs

Dogs can be cute when they perk up their ears plopped down they just flop up I think it’s cute. Dogs can be cute when they are sleeping there just laying there relaxing in a ball. I have always wondered how dogs relax and go to sleep if there in a ball because I always thought it would be more comfy if stretching out and sleeping that is what is more comfy for me but maybe not for dogs maybe dogs sleep in a different comfy spot then humans. At the end maybe your aunt will get you a dog if you haven’t been begging her a lot.

If you want a dog heres what you have to do

Heres what you have to do you have to feed them. You have to play with them. You have to let it outside two or three times a day. You have to take it on walks atleast three times a month at the minumum. So thats some things you have to do to have a dog.


Caring for your dog by Jill Foran