Third Grade Weekly News

May 8-19

Specials Schedule


Monday 5/8: PE, Central spirit wear

Tuesday 5/9: Music, Wear bright colors

Wednesday 5/10: Art, superhero shirt day

Thursday 5/11: PE, Island wear

Friday 5/12: Music-- FIELD DAY- 3rd grade special color to wear- GREEN

MAY 15-19

Monday 5/15: Art

Tuesday 5/16: PE

Wednesday 5/17: Music

Thursday 5/18: Art

Friday 5/19: EARLY RELEASE DAY 12:20PM

Important Dates

  • May 12: FIELD DAY-- Wear green, Students may want to bring a hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle. Sunscreen needs to be applied at home.

  • May 19: Early Release Day 12:20pm, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Chrome Book Skills Focus

*May 16 will be the last day I will allow students to take home Chromebooks.

    • Using ChromeBooks to find maps and other graphics, and then reading those maps and graphics to obtain information

    • Collaborate with others using a live document

    • Keyboarding skills

    • Using our ChromeBooks to search for new information




  • Students will read non-fiction text to identify main idea and details
  • Students will ask and answer questions about
  • Students will ask and answer questions about information from a speaker (adding appropriate elaboration and detail)

Ongoing Standards within Small Group Reading

  • Students will be able to read more complex text with longer sentences and more dialog to build fluency and comprehension.
  • Students will be able to identify the central message and provide text evidence.
  • Students will be able to ask and answer questions.
  • Students will be able to identify the main idea using text evidence (details).
  • Students will be able to describe character traits and their motivation in a story.

UNITS OF STUDY Writing: Realistic Fiction

  • Students will write a story based on a weather related problem

  • Students will incorporate facts about a weather event they have researched

  • Students will show how the character thinks, feels, reacts, and interacts to solve the problem


  • Introduce the Scientific Method

  • Introduce Science Standard ideas about force:

    • Investigate the motion of objects to determine patterns

    • Investigate the motion of objects by comparing the relative size & directions of forces on an object whose motion is chasing

    • Use models to explain the effects of balanced & unbalanced forces on a system

PHONICS: LIST 27: prefix -pre (before)

Word List: predated, preheated, precook, prepay, preplan, prewrite, preflight, prejudge, preserve, previewed, preseason, preschool, preamble, precooked, prescreening, predefine, premeasure, prepayment, preview, preexist

Ways to Study Phonics at home this week:

1. Students read the list to encode the words

2. Parents read the word, student identifies the vowel team

3. Write the words on notecards and sort them by vowel team, or suffix, or syllable count

4. Students practice using the word correctly in a sentence and build longer sentences

Here is the link to our spelling city site for more practice

Math: Topic 12: Time

Tell and write rime to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes. Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes, e.g., by representing the problem on a number line diagram.

  • Tell time to the half hour and quarter hour
  • tell time to the minute
  • elapsed time
  • problem solving: working backward

Growth Mindset

You Failed

Here is a video and some discussion questions to follow:

Why did they cheer for him when his invention didn't work? How can you learn from things that don't work out correctly? Why is is better to make a mistake sometimes instead of getting everything right?

Power of Yet

One word you could use frequently to promote a growth mindset is “yet”. Such as “You are not quite getting it, yet, but with practice, you will.” If your child says he/she doesn’t understand something, (i.e. can’t dribble a basketball, or can’t play a song) remind him/her that they can’t “yet” but with hard work they will have success.

Here are a couple of videos

Carol Dweck: The Power of Yet

Sesame Street: Janelle Monae: Power of Yet:

Building a Growth Mindset Culture at Home

Keep Moving Forward

Here is a video and some discussion questions to follow:

Why did his brother want him to keep moving forward? When might you need to “keep moving forward”?


Each week, we have been talking about effort and having a GROWTH MINDSET at school. The following links are videos we have watched in class. There are key words and phrases from each one. Anytime we start struggling with something, I throw out a phrase like, 'Let's grow our brains!' It has been a great way to ease any frustrations that occur throughout the day. I have included questions that we have talked about and hopefully you can have some great discussions with your child at home!

Ned the Neuron #grow your brain

Questions to discuss:

How can you grow your brain?

What's a challenge?

What do neurons do when you give your brain a challenge?

PoutPout Fish Goes to School #wecangetit

Questions to discuss:

When have you felt like the Pout Pout Fish?

What could you say to yourself when you feel like you can’t get it or

don’t belong? How can we help each other?

Class Dojo: Growth Mindset #yourbrainislikeamuscle

Questions to discuss:

Can anyone learn?

What's something you've learned?

Was it easy in the beginning?

What happens when you give up?

Class Dojo- The power of YET #yet


What does “I can’t do it, yet” mean? How is that different from “I can’t

do this”?

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

What does a person with a fixed mindset say to themselves? Growth mindset? What happens in your brain when you learn? Make mistakes? What goals do you have set at school? How can you talk to yourself when the learning gets hard?

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20/20 Reading

  1. Homework for third grade is our 20/20 reading program. We would like you to read for 20 minutes 20 days out of each month. I know that families have busy schedules so with this program you and your family can pick the days that work best for you. After you’ve read 20 minutes, have an adult initial in the box on the calendar. Turn your calendar in each month at the date designated on the bottom of the calendar.
  2. As teachers, we can’t express the value and benefit reading at home can have on your child. This is homework and we hope we have made this reading program flexible for your family schedule! Students who complete 20/20 reading will be rewarded with a special classroom picnic.