Green Career



The profession I chose to research was Papermaker. More precisely, an engineer in paper making. There are two types of engineers who become Papermakers. Chemical engineers and process engineers are the two types.


To become a chemical or process engineer takes four to five years and a Bachelors of Science degree. The main things they study are math and science. There are many colleges that teach Paper Science. There are colleges in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and more. The starting salary for an engineer in Papermaking is about $65,000 a year. Papermakers can make as much as $175,000 a year.

Environmental relations

Papermakers start out with recycled paper and trees and they turn it into paper. Recycling paper is good for the environment because it is used instead of putting it in the landfills. Using trees to make paper is good for the environment because you can grow more and they are renewable. Papermakers have to turn trees and recycled paper into different types of paper. This could be printer paper, notebook paper, napkins, paper towel, toilet paper, paper for boxes, and more.


Papermakers use enzymes to do things that chemicals can do. Enzymes are green and come from nature. Chemical can sometimes come from oil which is not renewable. Paper bags are made from recycled paper or renewable trees. Plastic bags are made from chemicals and oil. Magazines and newspapers are made from recycled paper and renewable trees. This is better for the environment that plastic, silicone, and minerals that are used to make computers.Engineers who make paper make a lot more money than other four year college graduates. Engineers who graduate from paper science usually all get jobs. There are many paper mills in the area to work at. Sometimes papermakers get to bring home paper from work like toilet paper and paper towels.


There are many paper mills that make magazine and news paper that are closing down. This is because no one is buying magazines and news papers anymore. Paper mills are very hot to work in. Sometimes papermakers have to work many hours during the day and night. This is because paper mills run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Interesting facts

-two-thirds of paper has to come from the forest because there is not enough recycled resources.

-The worlds first paper was made from recycled material

-You recycling bin may be already made of recycled material