Hayley Batson

Basic Information

Name: Hayley Batson

Age: 15

Education Level: High School Sophomore

Socioeconomic Status: middle class

Marital Status and Relationships: not married... yet

Kirsten and Brad Batson- parents

Dominic, Emily, and Molly- SQUAD

Miranda Sings- bae

Other various people who i enjoy very much

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Short term goals- to maintain my GPA, memorize polyatomic ions, to be happy

Long term goal- to pursue career in New York and be on Broadway

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From whom do I want it? - From casting directors

Who can help me? - Acting coaches and an agent

Who/what can hurt me? - Other young actresses who have the same dream as me; typecasting; myself when i get rejected

Who/what is an obstacle? - Any talented person up against me; distance from New York; timing

Why?- talented people can make it harder to get jobs and get noticed; it is hard to pursue a career in New York when you don't live there; sometimes getting a job is just being in the right place at the right time

What are my deepest fears? - Not being able to handle rejection and not getting work


How can i get it? - Persistence, lots of self-assurance, and good connections

How and whom can i threaten? - Competition with my intimidating looks and self-confidence

How and whom can i induce? - Casting directors with my talent, professionalism, and being easy to work with

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Why do i expect to get it? - because I will (hopefully) have enough training, ability, responsibility, and maturity to be in the business

Why does it excite me? - I can't imagine doing anything different with my life. It is a difficult goal and I like a challenge.

What will I do when i get it? - After i get a job, I will do my best with whatever i am participating in. I will continue to learn and take classes, and eventually start to look for my next gig (because nothing lasts forever)

Specific Tactics

- Get my name out there by taking master classes and going to open auditions

- find good teachers for voice, acting, and dance in New York

- continually try to improve and get better

- always have an awesome attitude (everything is an audition)

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