Tech Tidbits from Your ITS {2016-2017 v. 13}

It's Time to Teach Like a Pirate!

When this was first mentioned several months ago, I had 9 teachers interested. (Woo hoo!) And 3 said they would provide their own book (Bigger woo hoo!) I have 10 copies of Teach Like a Pirate from the IRC to use during this book study. If you would like to participate and provide your own book, they are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble (B&N is about $2 more; however, the local stores have it in stock and you won't need to wait for shipping)

For those who need to borrow books, they will be given to you on Thursday January 12. (Malibu, I will let you know where to pick them up that day) We will have a brief face-to-face meeting on Thursday January 12 (at Windsor Woods) and Friday January 13 (at Malibu).

If you're interested in teaching like a pirate, register in FrontLine

Staff Development

As we rest and return from the holidays, we need to consider how to engage our students even more. Technology integration is a powerful way to engage our students and raise the level of rigor in our lessons. Staff Development opportunities are just one of the many ways you can learn new programs and instructional strategies to implement right away. I am always eager and available to support you in any way I can. Just let me know. My Weekly Schedule.

Upcoming sessions at both schools

Malibu Elementary

  1. The Transformation of the Power of Technology 1/17 @3:30
  2. Wading the Waters of Blended & Personalized Learning 1/24 @3:30
Windsor Woods Elementary
  1. The Transformation of the Power of Technology 1/18 @3:10
  2. Wading the Waters of Blended & Personalized Learning TBD

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What's Been Going On?

  • Mr. Burnsworth's class jumped aboard the Google Train with Google Classroom! @MalibuElementary
  • 5th Grade enjoyed some time coding. Ms. Thompson, Ms. Howard, and Ms. Cornwell enjoyed challenging their kids. @MalibuElementary
  • Coding continued in 4th Grade with Mr. Cochrum's and Ms. Simeone's classes. @MalibuElementary
  • Ms. Daniels' students used Google Slides to put together their understanding of their animal research from PebbleGo. @MalibuElementary
  • Ms. Cole's small groups had some technology time with Ms. Frederick & Ms. Brookover as they worked on place value in Wixie. @MalibuElementary
  • 1st grade had their first taste at coding! They were incredible computer programmers and it came so natural to so many of them with Ms. Maurice, Ms. Ramos, and Ms. North @WindsorWoodsElementary
  • 2nd Grade in Ms. Kelly's class dominated SeeSaw by having an introduction to SeeSaw with Ms. Frederick and then uploading their math activities with Ms. Hargrove in the same day! @WindsorWoodsElementary
  • Ms. Gaither's second graders worked on their technology skills when they coded in the lab. @MalibuElementary
  • Ms. Tocco's 3rd graders were completely engaged during coding! @MalibuElementary

Out of Office

I will be having surgery on Thursday December 22nd, and will be out of both buildings through the first week in January.

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu Elementary
Windsor Woods Elementary