Join Thorin & Company!

Journey to Erebor to slay the dragon and get a reward!

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

Come with us on a journey to reclaim Erebor, the homeland of the dwarves! If you do your share, you will get a reward. We will be traveling through the Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, and Laketown to slay the dragon Smaug.

The Journey to Erebor

Wednesday, April 15th, 6pm

The Shire

Come to Bag End in Hobbiton. The door is green with a shining rune on it.


1. Journey to Rivendell

2. Journey across the Misty Mountains

3. Journey through Mirkwood

4. Journey to Laketown

5. Journey to Erebor

6. Slay the Dragon

7. Fight in the Battle of the Five Armies