Half a life by Darin Strauss

Allie Alfieri's Summer reading project

The day that changed Darin's life forever

Through the use of setting ,the author makes the reader as if can actually feel like you were actually there on that day in 1988,where actually there where there with him.He can clearly tell you what was there with him on that day on the southern state in his dads oldsmobile.In the book the Author says that while he was turning up the radio in his dads car,When one of the bicyclists in the right into the left lane.He says that "I remember only that-a glitch on the right.My oldsmobile stayed on the left lane.After a wobble or two,The bicyclist eased a wheel into the road,maybe thirty feet away.My tires seperated us" He then goes on to explain that the Bicyclist made a sharp turn on to the left lane.When she [the Bicyclist]made that turn she made the turn on to his car.He then goes on to explain that the person who he had hit was a blonde named Celine Zilkes.A sophmore at Darins School at North Shore High school.That is why setting enhances the story. The book "Half a life "By Darin Strauss also displays the use of characterization because we really get to know Darin as an individual. Characterization enhances him because you can tell that he still felt the guilt many years later. He also never forgot about Celine.Any major event he had to do it for two. Any major accomplishment he did it not only for himself but also for Celine.He also every time he went on a date and told the story to them and it kind of discouraged them a little bit. He also had to face deprivation upon arriving at school and also when he went to his high school reunion. That is why He really based his life off this one unfortunate accident. That is why he wrote this book not necessarily as a self-help book but rather he wrote this as a comfort to himself to get his word on what really happened that day. That unfortunate date. That is why he wrote this book half a life.


Why she did this

It is said that Celine intentionally did this on her self.And Darin Had been the unfortunate person that unfortunately took her life.It is said they found a binder with her saying I saw myself dead today.So because of this she only lived to be 16 which was really unfortunate.
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Something that really surprised me

Something that really surprised me was When Darin visited the site of the crash.By doing this it was some sort of relief towards him.It brought him some sort of closure into this horrfic accident.Another thing that really surprised was the fact that people actually made him feel like it was his fault this tragic accident any people would actually say to him, author states many people would actually say "Hey Darin,that morning did you have any,well,accidents happen,whatever-Im sure you weren't,I mean,Who gets drunk during the day ,but Im just asking do you?".This must have made him feel very uncomfortable.At the school they had a convention for Celine.That is what really surprised me

My review......

In my opinion this book is a great book.I would definetly recommend this to someone.I would recommend this because this author writes in length how this terrible accident that took the life of his classmate.Not only did this effect his life in a negative way but also a positive and that is why I recommend this book to anyone who decides to read this.