Moscow Russia

The place of lights and beauty

Russia's fabulous food

Try some new and unique food and let your taste buds explore. If you like fish then your in luck, many restaurants serve salmon and trout dipped in special sauces. When your out you are sure to become hungry, there are tones of venues that can help to cure your hunger. The majority of them sell fruit, bread, potatoes, and soup. If the cold weather sneaks up on you then don't worry there are many soups you can eat to warm up your insides. The days heat rolls in, you can enjoy a new food in russia, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Taste some new foods and find what you like best.

Russia's very different language

The Russian alphabet is the crylic alphabet with 30 characters. The Russian language also has the richest vocabulary in the world. Many Russian names used to be from the Russian language but now most of the names are from the Bible. The Russian language also has many borrowings from English so it's not that hard to learn. If you find it hard to speak one Russian language don't worry you have 175 commonly spoken languages choose from!

Russia's amazing art, history and culture

Russian Art and churches are very beautiful but unique at the same time. Russian churches were a big step in their amazing art. Russians love to create their magnificent sculptures using wood, and their beutiful painting using colorful paint. The Russian cutler is catholic you would know this because of the names and the orthodox churches. Many battles and wars were fought in Russia, they were also apart of the arms race and Cold War. The Russians were also the first to realese a space sati light, Sputnik 1. There is much more about Russia that you can learn about and see there.