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Pre-Ap Newspaper Project By: Milena

Breaking NEWS!!!!

Someone has hacked into the telecomunication program and messed up the power worldwide! We have been having trouble getting back online. We have started to trace back the computer number even though the hacker tried to delete his/her trace. If you are reading this Mr. Hacker, you better turn yourself in. Thanks for reading!

Advice Column by The Hack: Concerned Friend

Dear The Hack:

My friend just hacked into the most biggest system in the world!

I am scared that the police will get him. What can I do?

-Concerned friend

Dear Concerned friend:

I wouldn't worry about that.

If your friend hacked into the biggest system,

then he should be able to erase his trace from the computer database.

Wish your friend the best of luck,

- The Hack

Movie Review

Brain Jack is an exciting, adventurous book. It takes place in the future where technology is huge! Sam is a regular hacker and he hacks into a big system to get a headset for him and his friend. Suddenly the world is after him. Getting on a computer might mean life or death. Brain Jack was rated #1 in the world! Watch it now!

"You may be able to implant an image, even a taste or a smell, but I don't think you can implant the feelings that went with the experience that created the memory.” - Brian Falkner

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