come to the National Space Centre

if you are looking for some great facts come hear


are all new space centre has all the things you need from a real space ship to fun and games. you can also explore what a real space man does and what he weres. if you are intrested klick on this to see what it realy looks like

come to are shop

are fantastic shop contains yummy chocolate to big cuddly bears also are amazing chefe cooks frech mealy every day todays recipy is

Roast Parsnip, Honey and Rosemary Soup and

Eastern Spiced Carrot and Ginger Soup if you are in trested in this klick on these liks to see the recipy and how to preper

"National Space Centre" Leicester, England

are you a gamer

if you are intrested in to games a science play are new game 3,2,1,blast OFF it costs £29 and is in your closest game store or vist .com you can also bye it at the natinal space centre.