Vehicle Engines

Why do Engines break down

What is a engine?

An engine is one of the main parts of a car that makes the car run. The engine is hook up

With a bunch of parts the the car or truck relies on. If a car don't start it may lead to the

Engine. Let's say for instance you go to a car shop to do a oil check and the man that works at the shops says " You have a raditor " that mean your car cooling system is blown which may cost you hundreds of dollar to replace.

Some Example of engine problems

Say you were driving down the road and smoke comes out of your hood so you stop on the road. Turn out your heating and cooling system was burned so you call a tow truck and have your car towed to the nearest shop. When you arrived at the shop turns out you have to pay $150 to get it replaced all cause you didt get a car check up.
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How do I prevent having engine problem

Well you can't really prevent having engine problems. It just happen to pepole once in a

While. To make sure you don't have engin problem all the timm is to take care of your engine once in a while. For entice take it get regular car check ups every few months and never use bad fulits and cleaners in your car. Cause a clean engine is good engine.

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