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Clayton Ridge Schools: November 2021

Where Excellence is the Tradition

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American Education Week Nov. 15-19

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Fall Play

Mrs. Valeria White

Play by Claudia Haas

Adapted from Jane Austen’s novel

Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company

Thursday, November 19, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Friday, November 20, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 21, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.

All performances held at the Garnavillo Campus Auditorium.

Adults and Students - $5.00 (Pre-school and younger - free)

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Having health insurance is critical for our children to thrive at school. There are free and low-cost health coverage options available through Medicaid and Hawki which include coverage for medical, dental, immunizations, prescriptions, mental health services and more. You can have a regular doctor for your child and be protected from unexpected accidents and illness. Many working families qualify; children and teens in a family of 4 earning up to $80,030 may qualify for Hawki. And don’t forget, if your child is already enrolled in these programs, it’s important to renew their coverage every year so they can get the care they need when they need it. The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) can assist with in-person application assistance for families with children through presumptive eligibility. You may contact your local Hawki Outreach Coordinator at 563-556-6200 or for more information go to https://dhs.iowa.gov/hawki or call 1-800-257-8563.

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Veterans Day Celebration

CR Veterans Day Tribute 2021
What is Freedom Veterans Day 2021
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Elementary Veterans Day Celebration

Mrs. Jill Stannard

Ms. Hess created a presentation for Veterans Day and several 5th graders participated by reading! Mrs. Lawrence presented and Ms. Wilke lead us in some patriotic songs! Mrs. Lawrence’s daughter, Cora, also came to the program! Students also made Solider/Flag Agamorgraphs! Bryson and Chad shared theirs at the program.

5th Grade works with Preschool

The 5th-grade boys and preschool students created USA flags to celebrate Veterans Day.

HS Fall Awards

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Silver Cord - Service Learning

Mrs. Julie Hansel

Back Row: Hiram Werger, Caden Palmer, Isabel Breitbach, Molly Kann, Avery Dettbarn

Front Row: Mason Lightfoot, Morgan Pierce, Jenna Funk, Madison Eilers, Brooke Hansel

Not Pictured: Caleb Helle & JayLyn Moore

Academic Awards

Mrs. Julie Hansel

Qualifications for the Clayton Ridge academic letter are these:

Freshmen must maintain a 3.2 GPA in order to be awarded a letter during the fall of their sophomore year.

Sophomores must maintain a 3.3 GPA in order to be recognized the fall of their junior year

Juniors must maintain a 3.4 GPA in order to be recognized the fall of their senior year.

Seniors must maintain a 3.5 GPA in order to be recognized at graduation.

The grade point requirement is higher each year to encourage continued academic excellence throughout all four years of high school.

The first time students are recognized, they receive a letter & pin. After that, a pin is awarded that is to be worn on the letter.

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Academic Awards - 10th Grade

Mrs. Julie Hansel

Back Row: Elizabeth Davis, Teagan Palmer, Jackson Smith, Carson Dudley, Mitchell Randall, Jace Fassbinder, Aiden Christensen, Brooke Hansel

Middle Row: Kaci Kregel, Isabella Rausch, Mariha Werger, Ava Beck, Morgan Pierce, Koree Rausch, Jenna Funk, Madison Eilers

Front Row: Eva Dempster, Morgan Marovets, Marilyn Morales-Arce, Jennifer Rodenberg, Katy Geuder, Andrew Johnson, Ellen Brandt

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Academic Awards - 11th Grade

Mrs. Julie Hansel

Back Row: Trenton Reimer, Jace Moore, Jamie Ludovissy, Blake Ihde, Carter Esmann, Ashton Thiese, Caden Helle, Nathaniel Meier, Elliot Brown, Cayden Schroyer

Middle Row: Joshua Stade, Trevor Fleming, Dharma Jaster, Kelly Jo Fleming, Ryleigh Goerdt, Haley Rork, Samantha Spielbauer, Devin Reimer

Front Row: Erik Flores, Tess Broyles, Aurelia Berns, Kayla Bolsinger, Faith Ruzicka, Rebecca Hillers, Raghen Miller

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Academic Awards - 12th Grade

Back Row: Henry Scherer, William Spielbauer, Caden Palmer, Joseph Schmelzer, Mark Mommer, Dylan Ludovissy, Brandon Thiese, Whitley Harber, Molly Kann, Caleb Helle, Jackson Hefel

Middle Row: Hiram Werger, Danyel Rieck, Sierra Sheber, Jilliann Leliefeld, Maddelline Radabaugh, Sadie Moser, Destiny Kemp, Emma Kulper, Maya Pierce, Kailee Zapf

Front Row: Mara Pierce, Avery Dettbarn, Callie Freeman, Isabel Breitbach, Chloe Freeman, Emma Roth, Elana Moore, Payton Nuehring, Rebecca Schumann

Eagle Awards

Each month we take time to recognize all the really great things our students are doing at Clayton Ridge Elementary, MS, and HS. All of our students have been working so hard this year, and it is great to see their effort being noticed during these assemblies.

Preschool Awards

Harrison Heitman, Grayson Berns, Brooks Bilden, Lily Winch-Bolsinger, Cora Dudley

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Tuesday/Friday Preschool Awards for October

Lucy Rodenberg, Maisyn Chase, and Harper Preston

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Tuesday/Friday awards

Vincent Baker, Nora Zebuhr, Eden Perez, Maxton Krambeer, Londyn Porter

Kindergarten Awards

Back row: Daxton Bries, Janaya Betts, Bryor Smith, Ali Kann

Front Row: Phillip Ludovissy, Madilyn Parker, Elenora Preston, Jamyz Susice, Emma Parish

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First Grade Awards

Back Row: Peyton Reth, Kena Johnson, Avery Kregel, Tryce Sperfslage

Front Row: Lilliana Porter, Levi Hansel, Kaelyn Colsch

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Second Grade Awards

Back Row: Gavin Davis, Justin Sample, Quinn Breuer-Walke, Lane Cherne

Front Row: Luke Brandt, Bennett Burns, Chase Kann, Tayton LeGrand

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Third Grade Awards

Back Row: Keylee Casperson, Niamh Healy, Jack Reimer, Brianna Hefel

Front Row: Hazel Zebuhr, Jaxen Felder, Brooke Wilker

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Fourth Grade Awards

Back Row: Kyle Gebhardt, Lucas Sadewasser, Rohnan Tielbar

Front Row: Elyzah Bries, Paislee Hansel, Anabelle Finch

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Fifth Grade Awards

Back Row: Gabby Powers, Ava Abbott, Avery Harbaugh, Kason Berns

Front Row: Jackie Dodgen, Sophia Chmelar, Coos Hefel, Kai Brandt

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MS Awards

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Clayton Ridge Adopt-A-Highway

Clayton Ridge High School students gathered on Saturday, October 16 to clean Highway 52 south of Guttenberg through Adopt-A-Highway. This service-learning project is completed annually by Mr. Cook’s Government students. The senior class picked up two truckloads of trash within the two-mile stretch of road. The Senior Class would like to remind everyone that the roadside is not a trash can; please discard garbage in the correct manner.

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Fall into Reading

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Mrs. Hilary Wahls

First graders Brysen Hefel and Haydn Walters enjoying their library books.

Fall Day Fun

Third-grade students in Mrs. Connelly and Mrs. Palmer’s classes enjoyed the absolutely beautiful fall day! 🍂🍃🍁

Fall Recess at the MS

ISU Girls Basketball Trip

Mrs. Kathy Connelly

Girls in grades 2-5 went to ISU women’s BB game on November 9.


Mrs. Sara Lawrence

While the girls enjoyed the Iowa State basketball game, the 5th-grade boys worked through the STEM challenges of building the strongest tower, flying their hoop gliders and building fidget spinners! Everyone enjoyed the hands-on learning day.

Third Grade Rock Show

Mrs. Kathy Connelly

Watch a video HERE.

Fall Cuteness

Ms. Ashely Hess

4th Graders L to R: Elyzah, Ayva, and Josie.

Mrs. Petty’s Class Shares their Eagle Pride Store Purchases

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas

Students at Clayton Ridge are recognized with tickets for their good behavior of being READY, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE. Then, once a month, they are given the opportunity to exchange these tickets for items in the Eagle Pride Store. Our students are building the foundation of good character and are able to see that it pays off to make good choices!

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Fifth Grade at the Eagle Pride Store

The Clayton Ridge Eagle Pride Store was open today for students to buy items using their reward tickets. The 5th graders found all kinds of cool items to buy!
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Fifth Graders work with Kindergarteners

Mrs. Petty’s Kindergarteners worked to create Halloween crafts with Mrs. Lawrence’s 5th graders. All the students enjoyed working cooperatively with their new Buddies!

Annual Pumpkin Painting

Mrs. Kathy Connelly

Third graders enjoyed an afternoon of painting pumpkins. This is the second year that Mr. Wahls has joined us for this event. Thanks to Mrs. VonHandorf for the pumpkins for her family farm.

Snacks in MS Lab

Mrs. Cheri Werges

Middle school students in lab class read a story on the benefits of eating apples. Students were treated to apples and caramel when the story was finished.

Eagle Buddies Meet and Greet

Mrs. Julie Hansel

High school juniors and seniors can volunteer to become an Eagle Buddy. These student are then paired with a middle school student. The students play games and work together during the week.

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Red Ribbon Week

Halloween Fun and the NHS Carnival

Mrs. Jill Stannard

5th graders had so much fun participating in activities their teachers prepared for them, like pumpkin catapults, skeleton bridges, Halloween joke books, and more! After lunch, the High School National Honor Society students prepared some fun activities for the students as well. Students walked uptown Garnavillo to share their Halloween Spirit with others. I think they may be as tired as I am. Tired Kids means LOTS OF FUN was had!

Stained Glass in Sculpture

Scavenger Hunt in Geometry

Ms. Bridget Schaufenbuel

Ms. Schaufenbuel's 2nd-, 4th-, and 8th-period Geometry classes went outside to complete a Perimeter Scavenger Hunt Activity. They were finding the perimeter of various polygons in the park to determine the answer to a puzzle question: "Who is considered the father of Geometry?" Then, when they found all of the perimeters the answers referred to letters, and it spelled out Euclid's name.

Balloon Cars in Science

History in Motion

Students in Mr. Sperfslage's class were learning about the British Colonies in the US before the Revolutionary War.


Mrs. Karen Gueder

The EAGLES+ students have been very busy doing STEAM Challenges this past month. The second- and third-grade students each got a cereal box to use to create a design. The students came up with some interesting ideas. One group of girls decided to turn their box into a Watermelon Lunch Box with a bowl attached to the outside. One of the boys built a guitar, and the other boys created different types of vehicles.

The second-grade EAGLES+ students also had some unique ideas. One group made a hot rod truck, one group created a farm, and the last group built farm machinery.

The second- and third-grade students also created spider webs out of pipe cleaners and yarn.They learned why spiders build such strong webs.

The 4th Grade EAGLES+ students worked in groups to build a pumpkin stand out of 20 straws and tape. They made adjustments to their designs to get them to be strong enough. One group is still working on theirs.

The fourth and fifth-grade EAGLES+ students built Towers after reading a story. They tried to see who could build the tallest one that would stand up on its own. All they could use was paper and dots.

The fifth graders also did a challenge where they built Catapults. Then they used the Catapults to see how far they could get candy pumpkins to fly. One of the students got his pumpkin to fly 42 tiles. We counted the distance using floor tiles.

Iowa Best Summit

Lynette Pritchard, School Social Worker, and Stephanie Thomas, Elementary School Counselor attended the Iowa BEST: Behavioral, Equitable, Social-Emotional, Trauma-Informed Health in Schools Summit in Des Moines. The sessions in the conference focused on Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health, Student and Family Voice, and Accelerating Learning.

Where's Mary?

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What's New at the Guttenberg Public Library?

Here are the activities happening in November/ early December at the library.

November is DINOVEMBER at the Guttenberg Library. Stop in and participate in all our interactive dinosaur activities along with our scheduled programming.

Toddler Time - Nov. 10 @ 10:30 am.

Dinosaur program with songs, crafts, and stories!

Appropriate for ages 2-5

Dinosaur Adventures - Nov. 17 @ 2:00 pm.

Appropriate for ages 6-10

Christmas ornament making - Dec. 1 @ 2:00 pm.

Kids will be making ornaments for the library Christmas tree.

Appropriate for ages 6-10

New to the Guttenberg Library, is a Children's Learning Computer. This computer has over 130 educational learning games. The library is now able to offer our young patrons a safe learning environment on a digital platform.

All content is STREAM; Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Music and Math.

Educational titles include cursive, using the tough screen, poetry, coding, comic books, cyber safety, videos on how to write papers, and much more. The Learning Computer is appropriate for kids 2-12 years old.

Hope to see you at the library soon!

Activities and Athletics

Eagle Cross Country

Mr. Louis Cook

The boys’ varsity Cross Country team finished 2nd place at the Conference Meet held at Silver Springs Golf Course hosted by South Winneshiek. The boys all ran well, yet were not able surpass some of the times of the NFV runners. The major highlights of the meet were Keaton Reimer, Gavin Moser, and Teagan Palmer all finishing in the top fifteen and medalling. Keaton Reimer finished in 3rd place with Gavin Moser, just behind him, finishing in 4th place and Teagan Palmer in 15th place. Erik Flores and Jackson Patiño rounded out the team and ran in the top tier of runners the entire meet.

Elliot Brown also finished 15 place for the junior varsity team, which resulted in his first medal of the season!

The highlights of the middle school boys’ team was Fernando Flores running a time of 13:57, which is only 5 seconds off the school record. He medalled and finished in 10th place. Luke Cook also had a season best time at 16:38.

For the girls’ team, Eleanor Dickson finished in 33rd place.

The Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team finished 4th place at the State Qualifier Meet held at the Guttenberg Golf Course. The boys all ran well and drastically improved their overall times from earlier in the season. They have all been working hard to qualify for the State Meet as a team; yet just fell short (must be top two teams). Gavin Moser and Keaton Reimer, however, were able to qualify individually for State. Gavin Moser placed 8th and set a new personal best time for the season of 17:35. Keaton Reimer got 10th place just making the cutoff and ran a time of 17:44. Overall, the boys’ team had a great season, and they are all excited about watching both of their teammates run at the State Meet in Fort Dodge on October 30!

The highlight for the girls’ team is Eleanor Dickson running a time of 25:32.

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Words on Wellness

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2021-2022 District Calendar

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About Clayton Ridge Community Schools

Clayton Ridge Community School District has both a north and south campus. The northern campus is located in the midst of the rolling prairie of Garnavillo, Iowa and currently serves students in grades PK-5. The southern campus is situated among the picturesque Mississippi River bluffs and boasts a magnificent view of the mighty river and Lock & Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa. The south campus serves middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).