Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

By Zach Tibari

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Absolute Location

The exact address of the Austin's capital building is 112 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701.

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Relative Location

The Oasis is on Lake Travis, near Hudson Bend and Steiner Ranch.

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Keeping Austin weird on SOCO. Austin is a very diverse and unique city.Anything one can imagine, could be found in Austin. The "I Love You So Much" wall found on South Congress is just one of the many diverse attractions one could visit in Austin.

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Austin is known as the hill country. This beautiful hilly, green country side can be seen as far down as La Grange and all the up through Austin.

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Methods of transportation across town include driving. This was taken on a drive from Houston to Austin. As many people would prefer to fly, I chose to drive because the scenery is magnificent and peaceful.

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Human-Environment Interaction

We have adapted to the lands physical features by building bridges to get where we need to go. Without the 360 bridge, there would be no other way to get into the Westlake area other than to drive all the way down to 2244. By building this bridge, prices of land have stabilized on both sides and makes the flow of traffic smoother.