Spanish 3 Online

Week 8 Update

What is going on in our class this week?

Here is a list of assignments due this week. Please note the highlighted message and which assignments are due when.
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To clarify the due dates, access to assignments in Weeks 1-7 will close @ 11:55 pm on Friday, October 21st. I understand that some students missed an entire week of school due to the hurricane; however NCVPS builds in a "cushion" week in case a student is not able to log in for a few days. The only assignments that will close in U4 are those that were due last week. Provided your student is on pace-and they should be-then they should be able to complete last week's work this week. This week's assignments will close permanently next week on 10/28 (see graphic above).
Please feel free to contact me if you have a question about these due dates. These have been communicated to the students as well.

U4 RLC This Week

  • 10/21 @ 5 pm: Sra Melo

If your student was not able to attend a U4 RLC last week and cannot attend on Friday, click HERE to access the archive of my session.

Contact Sra. Blachy

Please click on the doodle link below if you would like to schedule a phone conference this week with me to discuss your student's progress and/or due dates.