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Pondering 11 Preschool Years...

As the year is wrapping up, I find myself reflecting on the past 11 years that I have taught preschool. There have been so many memories made with so many kiddos. I should have started journaling when I began because there have been lots of funny moments and things I remember as the years have gone on, for example being told "you have a comfy yap (lap)", the "I love you's" from so many, and the smiles and pride shown when they finally accomplish a new task they have been trying so hard to learn. Your child, many siblings, and many other children have had such a profound effect on my professional and personal growth. These guys are our tomorrow! I thank each one of you for allowing me to be a part of who they are becoming as they grow into the beautiful intelligent individuals they are. I will greatly miss the small moments that mean so much to this age group, but I know I have a new journey to travel and a new impact to have on many more students!

Thank you for allowing me to Teach your Child(ren)!


Upcoming Events & Reminders

*Tuesday May 24th-Last Day For the Afternoon Class.

*Wednesday May 25th-Last Day for the Morning Class.

Next Weeks Activities


Theme: 5 Senses

Dramatic Play: Spring Cleaning

Sensory Table: Washing Dishes

Blocks: Bristle Blocks

Circle Time:Circletime-Hello Song, Weather, Calendar, Jobs, a story based on our theme and the activities are based on concepts and skills that each student needs to work on.

Free Play:

Art Activities: Paint Mixing Colors, Finger paint, Paint a Tongue with Jello, and Puff Painting.

Fine Motor Activities: I Spy Bin, Bristle Blocks, Edible Play Doh, and Sensory Balloon Matching.

Cognitive/Academic Activities: 5 Senses Matchup, Tactile Number Cards, Touch Bags, and Alphabet Bingo.

Small Group: 5 Senses Hand and Popcorn Poster

Language Group/Closing: My 5 Senses.


Theme: WH

Dramatic Play: Spring Cleaning

Sensory Table: Washing Dishes

Blocks: Bristle Blocks

Circletime-Hello Song, Jobs, Weather, and Calendar. Pathways to Reading Large Group Time. WH.


Art: Paint with Whisks, Finger paint a Whale, Whirl Art, and WH Collage Poster.

Fine Motor: WH Book, WH Diagraph Monster, Draw and Cut Out a Wheel, and WH Puzzles.

Cognitive: Give a Mouse a Cookie, What Bingo, Why Bingo, and WH Mix Up Bingo.

Small Groups-Pathways to Reading Letter WH, and Handwriting Without Tears Letter WH.

Language Group- Sharetime, please have your child bring an item that starts with WH!

Monday: Brylea and Solomon

Tuesday: Lara, Tatianna, Ava

Wednesday: Ian

Thursday: Shaelynn, Jennaka,

Preschool Resources...

2 curriculums we use...check them out!