English Language and Composition Prompt #2

Analyze This!

Many students struggle with the analysis prompt. Look at the materials below to study for this short essay.
The Rhetorical Situation

Even if you do not blatantly name the parts, make certain that you include this information in your analysis: purpose, genre, medium, audience, and stance.

What role should the RP play?

The RP is not your entire analysis essay, but it could be a great start. The RP asks you to break apart the components of the analysis prompt. You could incorporate the RP as part of the introduction or expound on the RP by making it into multiple paragraphs.

If you choose not to use the RP, make certain to address the Rhetorical Situation in your introduction. You can do this by covering all of the elements of a Soapstone in your introductory paragraph.

Using the SOAPSTone

Consider making a rough SOAPSTone organizer during your 15 minutes of prewriting time. Then, when you have finished writing your analysis, review your work by using the SOAPSTone as checklist.
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Need more Soapstone help?

This breaks down how to write the analysis paragraph-by-paragraph using SOAPSTone. Read and copy the outline atop page 1.

AP English: The Rhetorical Analysis Prompt