The Cask Of Amontillado

By: Mark Higdon

Characterization - Montresor

"I must not suffer as a result of my revenge. A wrong is not made right in that manner. And also the wrong would not be made right unless Fortunato knew that he was paying and knew who was forcing him to pay."

- Montresor seems like a good person because he knows right from wrong, but also seems a little confused about it. Killing someone in result of laughing at their family name is not a reason to kill someone and there is no reason at all to kill someone.

"I heard no answer. 'Fortunato!" I cried. 'Fortunato.' I heard only a soft, low sound, a half-cry of fear. zmy heart grew sick; it must have been the cold."

- Montresor suffered from killing Fortunato when he even prepared for the moment that he killed Fortunato. Montresor is a good person doing the wrong thing because Fortunato laughed at Montresor's proud name. When Montresor's heart hrew sick, he seemed to refuse that it was because he killed a man. This shows that he doesn't want to admit that killing Fortunato was a bad thing to do and a mistake.

Characterization - Fortunato

"Montresor! Good evening my friend."

- If Fortunato laughed at Montresor's name, he must have let the whole situation go by now because he acts as he and Montresor are friends.

"I do not care. Let us go. I'm well enough. The cold is nothing. Amontillado! Someone is playing games with you. And Luchresi! Ha! Luchresi knows nothing about wines, nothing at all."

- Fortunato does not care that it is cold and seems to love alcohol. He has not a doubt that Montresor actually has this fine wine Amontillado. He seems very gullible in a since that he will now follow anything that Montresor says form here on out to get that fine wine.

Suspense - The Cask Of Amontillado

The author creates suspense in this story by having the main character explain that he is going to kill Fortunato.

"I would make him pay, yes; but I would act only with the greatest care. I must not suffer as a result of taking my revenge."

- For the rest of the story, the reader is now wondering when Montresor is going to kill Fortunato. When a transition happens in this story, the reader is now feeling the effect of suspense.

Summery - The Cask Of Amontillado

There is a main character by the name of Montresor and he wants revenge on this man named Fortunato because he laughed at Montresor's proud family name a while back. Although, Montresor does not want to suffer as a result of his revenge, it is hard because Fortunato is a nice person all night that they meet. Fortunato is tricked into thinking that Montresor has this amazingly fine wine called Amontillado.

Montresor leads Fortunato down into this cold wine chamber where he eventually locks Fortunato in a small room where Fortunato takes this last breath on this world. Montresor starts saying Fortunato when it is already too late. Montresor's stomach feels sick but Montresor thinks that it must be the cold and Fortunato deserved his death because he laughed at Montresor's proud name.