Andrea Swenson "Free Rein"

Spokane Author Book Launch at Auntie's Bookstore

"Free Rein-in' With Chester"

Come hear local Spokane author, Andrea Swenson read her debut book! "Free Rein-in' With Chester" chronicles Andrea's experiences with Therapeutic Horseback Riding at Free Rein Therapeutic Riding in Spokane, WA. Andrea will be available for a brief Q&A at the event and books are available for purchase!

"Free Rein-in' With Chester" Book Launch

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 3pm

402 W Main Ave

Spokane, WA

Andrea Swenson

Andrea Swenson is a Spokane native and first time Author. As an individual with Cerebral Palsy, Andrea has experienced amazing benefits from her Therapeutic Riding sessions at Free Rein in Spokane, WA. "Free Rein-in' With Chester" is an uplifting, colorfully photographed and informative story about her experience.