Holy Romans and Popes

Relations between Pope and Holy Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire

  • formed by German princes
  • viewed as a "Christian revival" (from earlier Roman Empire)
  • resistence from popes and princes of other European lands when they tried to extend this power past Germany
  • medevial states commonly clashed with one another

Problems Between the Empire and the Papcy

  1. conflict with the papacy prevented the Holy Roman Empires from building a strong, dynamic state
  2. popes were the ones to crown the emperors, but the relationships were tense since both of them were looking for the highest position in authority
  3. especially tense when emperors tried to influence who people chose as church officials, which made the popes upset because they felt that that was their job
  4. neither group was strong enough to take over the other
  5. but, the popes were able to prevent the emperors from building an imperal state
  6. clashed over interests in Italy/appointment of church officials

Relationship between Popes and Empire

The popes however, crowed the kings of the empire, but it was a tense relationship because they were both wanting more and more power and authority.