Don't Be A Statistic!

Know Your Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Nitrogen oxide plus oxygen should produce Nitrogen dioxide not a trip to the Hospital!


Know your PPE: Wear Rubber gloves and protective clothing; Wear vapor-proof goggles; Wear an air supplied respirator.

Are You Being Safe?

Knowledge is Power, Know Your Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Goggles, Gloves and Lab Coats can help PREVENT YOU from becoming a STAT today!

Your Safety is our No. 1 Priority!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the mandatory PPE for all Manufacturing areas?

1. Goggles

2. Gloves

3. Lab Coats

4. Closed shoes

See postings in front of each manufacturing entrance to determine mandatory PPE for the area and WI 50-0090 for Employee Dress Code for specifications.

Where are PPE located and stored?

At every manufacturing area entrance.

Don't become tomorrow’s water cooler topic, Contact the training department today for a Refresher Course on PPE!

Mrs. Jane Lively

Training Specialist II