July 6, 2018

EXPLORE Tickets for Assistance

The ticket system worked beautifully during EXPLORE session #1. The EXPLORE office received and resolved in excess of 1100 tickets with questions, requests for help or other subjects.

Some of you are new to the ticket system. It is easy to find. In the quick search box, just type Explore Help in the Eschool home page. the word EXPLORE eSchool HELP TICKET should pop up. Click on it, and it should take you to the form. Complete the form. It is approximately 3 pages of quick and easy input. Be sure to click SUBMIT. There are at least five people online and looking at the spreadsheet where the tickets are collected. Most requests take less than 4 minutes to complete. That is far less time than being on hold on the phone.

Help us help you by submitting a ticket rather than calling us. Believe me we love to help you. The data collected from submitted tickets are useful as we plan future training and support for site secretaries.

A friendly reminder

If you are dropping or adding a child from EXPLORE enrollment, it would be helpful to have the following information in the ticket. Please put the following information in the ticket to assist us in this task.

Critical Information:

Drop student name #052222, from NAME of CLASS, Course Section, and let us know attendance data, for example "never attending session # 2" or last day attendance 7/6/18.

Add student name, #052222, from NAME OF CLASS, Course section AND name of teacher. Give us the start date for the student.

Having dates helps us add on the proper day or drop the class to stop the student attendance on the correct date.

Thank you in advance for helping us with this data on the tickets.

Legal Matters

Sometimes school experience parents/guardians who are in the process of dissolving marriages or relationships with their significant other that impacts the student at school with parenting plans, exparte documents, or other legal paperwork. If you have feuding adults that want to have school take people off their children's eSchool screen or other orders or demands, make sure your building principal is aware of the situation.

If you need assistance intrepreting these documents or question the validity of these documents, feel free to reach out to Ann White, 523-0230. She can assist you. In EXPLORE, Mrs. Dana Hubbard or one of the coordinators is also available to assist you.

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