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Gonorrhea is a bactirum sexually transmitted disease

It grows in the women's cervix fallopian tubes and uterus

It can also form in the urethane of men/women

Gonorrhea is a very common std and in 2011 alone 321,849 cases were reported

You can get gonorrhea from a women's vaginal fluid if she is infected and can be passed from there

There is a cure for the std but it will not reverse any damage to your body

Symptoms Prevention

Men who usually who have Gonorrhea have burning sensation peeing or weird colored discharge from their penis and often they have swollen balls

Women usually don't have symptoms and if they do they think its a bladder or vaginal infection so ladies go get CHECKED for the dudes please

The best way to prevent Gonorrhea is absence or if your sexually active wear condoms and get checked often

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