By: Lexi McGee

The Athens Government

Athens was a city-state, that at one point was a oligarchy with a lot of citizens involved in the democracy. The Athens were more focused on building a democracy, unlike the Spartans wanting to build a good military force. But then the Athens turned into a democracy. After this a noble came into power and that noble name was Solon freed all the slaves. Solon also allowed men to be citizens. Soon after this happened Solon turned the oligarchy into a democracy.

Begining The Athens Democracy

The Athens democracy was first built by someone named Cleisthenes by,

  • Created a new council of 500 people to organize the assembly and court that the Athens have
  • Made sure the democracy was very organized


Solon was a noble that was trusted by other nobles. Solon was important to others around the Athens because he freed all the slaves, cancelled debts, and made sure that men could participate in all of the courts and assembly's and to involve in making new laws. Also the farmers would try to make Solon to give the farmers the nobles land.


Then after Solon died another someone very important came to power, his name was Cleisthenes. He helped make the government very organized , and most important Cleisthenes made a new council of 500 citizens.

Boys Education

Education in the Athens was only boys could attend school. Some of the topics that the boys would get taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, and sports. Some other teachers taught how to play instruments, art, and how to sing.

Girls Education

The education of the girls were different from the boys. The girls could only attend school if there parents were very wealthy enough for them to go to school. If there parents were not very wealthy the girls would get taught at home, house hold chores, and spinning and weaving by the mothers in the Athens.


In the Athens voting made men allowed to vote on decisions, and children, and were not allowed to vote. But not everyone was allowed to vote. Also slaves were banned and not allowed to vote in the government or democracy of the Athens.