Joseph Stalin

Jacob Hogue

Joseph Stalin and World War II

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union During WWII and was part of the allied powers. Also involved in the Allied powers were the U.S, Great Britain and other countries. Stalin was born on December 21st 1878. Before WWII had began Stalin signed a German-Soviet non aggression pact which mean that Germany could attack Poland without fear of Soviet intervention. This did not last because Stalin started to get nervous that Hitler would attack the USSR. Surely he did. This attack left Stalin in a nervous breakdown and was unable to command his army properly for several weeks and in this time he lost many of his important military powers and roles in the powerful army of the Soviet Union. When Stalin finally got his composure the Germans were already deep into the heart of the USSR. Eventually Stalin had pushed the Germans further out of Moscow. Stalin was Also involved in the Russian Revolution, and he was also involved in the Korean War.

World War II

- Lasted from September 1939, May 1945.

- Over 60 million people were killed.

- Started because of Germany's Unprovoked attack on Poland.

- Ended by an unconditional surrender of the Axis powers, a week after Adolph Hitlers suicide.

- America was once again thriving after the end of this event.

- Famous baby boom followed after the of the war.