2020-2021 ASTE Board Members


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List of ASTE Alaska Regions

This is a list of school districts in Alaska by region. ASTE is open to membership K-20 for any individual living in the state of Alaska.

We are a working Volunteer Board, and as such, we look forward to fulfilling ASTE's mission of promoting access to technology, connectivity to information resources, and technology integration for all Alaskan learners. ASTE Board Members participate in the governing of the ASTE organization by teleconference and online meetings. In addition to monthly zoom meetings, we have two face to face opportunities each year (February ASTE Conference and Spring Board Retreat). Being a member of ASTE provides state-wide networking and leadership opportunities in your educational region.

  • President- Bill Burr
  • President Elect- Carlyn Walker
  • Past President- Amanda Adams
  • Secretary- Jodi Mar
  • Treasurer- Jason Fastenau
  • Northern Region Representative- Amy Eakin
  • Interior Region Representative- Dan LaSota
  • Southeast Region Representative- Matthew Gore
  • Southcentral Region Representative- John Notestine
  • Anchorage Region Representative- Dawn Anderson
  • Western Region Representative- Josh Bullock
  • DEED Representative- Brittnay Bailey
  • Member At-Large- Vitaliy Obolentsev
  • Advocacy/Communications Chair- Anthony White

Elected Positions

President - Bill Burr

Bill has been a teacher, principal, Tech Director, and Asst. Superintendent in Alaska for 19 years and first attended ASTE in 1998. He has served on the ASTE Board since 2010. He finished up the school year 2020-2021 in the Delta/Greely School District before transiting to Wrangell as Superintendent beginning July 1, 2021. He has been known to freeze solid in winter and return to activity after the spring thaw.

President Elect- Carlyn Walker

Carlyn has been an early adopter of innovation in the most committed effort to reach students where they are. She integrates technology purposefully and intentionally to connect with her students. Whether it is the flexibility and collaboration of Google Docs, leveraging social media or her Canvas courses designed for personalized learning paths, Carlyn fosters deeply impactful practices that are foundational to the relationships she builds with students. She serves the state by contributing to forums like #AKEDCHAT and other Twitter professional development groups. She was recognized in 2018 as a BP Teacher of Excellence and in 2020 as the ASTE Teacher of the Year. After having taught and expanded for 15 years in her practice, she is ready to take the next leap of leadership through serving on the ASTE Board as the President-Elect.

Past President- Amanda Adams

Amanda is passionate about technology integration for the nurturing of knowledge in children. Currently, Amanda is the Lead Innovative Designer for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Amanda has taught for 20+ years in a wide variety of content areas ranging from ELL to Social Studies to Health including Educational Technology and Effective Instructional coaching. Her work intertwines deeply with current research and innovative practices. She is passionate about intentional technology integration for enriching the student experience. She has served on the ASTE board for 5 years, including being the Southcentral Rep, President for the 2018 conference, and President for the 2021 conference.

Secretary- Jodi Mar

Jodi has been teaching on Prince of Wales Island for the last 14 years. She is currently the Technology Coordinator and a teacher for Klawock City School District. Her time is split between technology implementation for the district and integrating technology into the classroom. Jodi works with fellow teachers and staff to provide students with access to technology tools, resources, and challenges to help them understand the digital world. For the past ten years, she has been an ASTE member and has attended the yearly conference.

Treasurer - Jason Fastenau

Jason is the current ASTE Treasurer, and has also served as the board Secretary for several terms in the past. Jason has been in Alaska as a teacher and technology mentor for the last nineteen years, and is currently the Director of Technology for the Alaska Gateway School District.

Northern Region Representative - Amy Eakin

Amy Eakin is the Director of Technology for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District. This is her 5th year in this role and 24th year in education and the NWAB region of Alaska. Amy previously taught math, science, and technology in Noorvik Aqqaluk School and Kotzebue Middle High School. She is a certified Apple technician and Apple teacher. Amy was recently awarded the ISTE Digital Citizenship PLN Award for 2019 and firmly believes that children should be empowered through education and technology. She is motivated by continually learning and spending time with her family.

Interior Region Representative- Dan LaSota

Dan lives in Fairbanks, works at UAF, and has been involved in Alaska education and public policy for 30 years. One of his goals in serving on the ASTE Board is to see how the University can better serve K-12 teachers and students across the State.

Southeast Region Representative- Matthew Gore

Matthew Gore is an Alaskan computer science innovator and educator. Matthew started at age 12 supporting a variety of businesses and their IT needs and continued down this path as one of the first students in Anchorage School District’s experimental programs for Student Administrators in IT which continued in a long pattern of IT support for organizations. After attending the University of Alaska System seeking an Education in Photography, Matthew became a partner at Studio B in Anchorage, AK. Continuing in the search for meaningful and impactful work, Mathew was called to become an educator returning to the university system to become a Special Education Teacher. During that time, he also served on the local board for Public Radio. Realizing his full potential, and experience, the Wrangell School District hired him as Technology Director, the role which he has served for over four years. During this time, he pioneered Computer Science Education at Wrangell Public Schools converting from a Computer Apps model to a Computer Science Model of education. Now he proudly serves as Southeast Islands Technology Director.

Southcentral Region Representative- John Notestine

John is currently an Educational Technologist with Mat-Su School Districts. He was formerly a STEM teacher at Wasilla High School and a 21st-century educator. This is his 16th year in education and in that time, he has been the Alaska STEM teacher of the year, Alaska FTC (First Tech Challenge) Robotics coach of the year, a BP teacher of excellence, participated in numerous scholarship committees, worked as the MSEA union’s bargaining spokesperson, and served on several educational boards. John pioneered and developed the digital media, computer science, and robotics programs at Wasilla High School. He has taught Broadcast Journalism, AP Computer Science, Robotics, and Digital Media courses. John is an avid outdoor enthusiast disguised as a tech-nerd. His addictions include mountain biking and whitewater kayaking. He loves participating in races including the Susitna 100 and Iditasport Ultra-Marathons.

Western Region Representative- Josh Bullock

Josh has been a classroom teacher, itinerant Ed Tech specialist and/or Tech Director in the State of Alaska for the past 14 years. He has taught math, science, reading, and many technology-related areas. His love for learning and encouraging others is a common theme in his work. Josh is currently serving the Dillingham City School District as the Technology Director. This last year marked Josh’s eleventh ASTE conference where he has often presented sessions. Josh is known to many around the state for his advocacy for technology and increased bandwidth in Alaska, particularly in rural Alaska.

DEED Representative - Brittnay Bailey

Since landing in Alaska on Dec 31, 2010, Brittnay Bailey has lived in 6 houses, owned 5 vehicles, visited 23 villages, climbed 4 mountains, and adopted one cat. She has taught children how to write and adults how to right click on a Mac. She has thrown many dance parties and gone swimming in the mighty Yukon River. She has loved many different aspects about being in Alaska, and is excited to embark on her newest journey: living in Anchorage and working for the Department of Education and Early Development as the ELA Content Specialist, with a side serving of Ed Tech. You can often find her at the Atwood Building downtown or hanging with the moose on the trails behind her house.

Anchorage Region Representative- Dawn Anderson

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Appointed Positions

Advocacy/Communications Chair- Anthony White

Anthony is an educator in Kodiak, Alaska, working with students and educators from elementary to high school to effectively navigate an ever-changing technological landscape. He believes we must leverage technology to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in a more complete, authentic, and meaningful way.

Member At-Large- Vitaliy Obolentsev

Vitaliy is from Delta/Greely School District and has been a lead IT Support Staff Member. He has attended ASTE for many years and worked closely with our conference tech support team. He has an extensive understanding of the “chips and wire” side of technology as well as a developing understanding of educational technology as new approaches to expanding technology and problem solving is a positive influence on the ASTE Board. Vitaliy grew up in Kazakhstan and moved to the USA in 2007 to start a new chapter in his life. He is a father of four children and loves spending time with family and friends in Alaska exploring this beautiful state (in good weather)!

iDidaContest Chair- John Notestine (also Southcentral Region Representative)

The iDidaContest is a multimedia contest that showcases student and teacher’s digital projects from all over Alaska. Categories include movies, photos, podcasts, apps, and more. Winners of the iDidaContest are announced during the iDidaNight Celebration at the ASTE Conference each year and are listed on the ASTE.org website.

Other Team Members

Executive Director- Susan Steele

Susan feels extremely blessed to be serving as the ASTE Executive Director. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Master of Education in Elementary Education, and an Education Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision. She has been in education 15+ years. As the daughter of a (now retired) high school principal, educational leadership runs in Susan's blood. She began her own teaching path in Tennessee when she opened the first READ 180 lab in her hometown of Sevier County in 2006.

Susan and her husband, Andy, moved to Alaska in 2009 for an adventure, and never left! She began her work in Alaska as Special Education Program Manager with DEED traveling to school districts across the state to ensure compliance for all eligible students with disabilities. In 2010, she and Andy moved to the Mat-Su Valley where she worked in the Office of Instruction for the Mat-Su District Office as an Instructional Coordinator. In 2014, Susan joined the administrative team at Palmer High School (PHS) where she served as an Assistant Principal. In 2015, she joined the Falcon Family at Finger Lake Elementary as Principal. After serving as Principal for six years, she decided she was ready to begin a new learning journey. She served as a Graduation Coach in the fall of 2021 and was hired in January 2022 as Director of Special Projects in Lower Yukon. She also continues her work as the ASTE Executive Director which she was hired for in March 2021. Susan has loved meeting and getting to know the ASTE Board who are amazing educators serving in various capacities from all over Alaska! Susan's passions include creating and implementing structures and systems that make other people's job better, smoother, and easier.

Susan loves hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hosting get-togethers, and enjoying the warm and sunny Alaska days. Susan served as the Mat-Su Principals’ Association Vice-President in 2020-2021, was recognized as a National ESEA Distinguished School (Finger Lake Elementary) in 2018, is an ALiCE Active Intruder Certified Trainer and Presenter, and an Educational Consultant.

Susan can't say enough about the phenomenal mentors, leaders, teachers, and coaches that she has had on her journey! Her life and career mottos are #MyGoalisYourSuccess, #ServingAndSatisfied, and #TooBlessedToBeStressed.

Additional Conference Staff

  • Network Engineer- Todd Shechter
  • Equipment Manager- Bill Ennis
  • Equipment Assistant- Kelly Auer


  • Bookkeeper- Brett Hill
  • Executive Director- Susan Steele
List of ASTE Past Presidents

ASTE has benefited from an impressive list of visionary individuals who have helped to transform teaching and learning throughout Alaska.

Left to Right: Jodi Mar, Bill Burr, Amanda Adams, Carlyn Walker, Josh Bullock, John Notestine, Todd Shechter, Dan LaSota, Brittany Bailey, Amy Eakin, Susan Steele, Matthew Gore

Not Pictured: Dawn Anderson and Vitality Obolentsev

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Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE)

Promoting access to technology, connectivity to information resources, and technology integration for all Alaskan learners.