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We are so excited about this school year!!! Our adventure begins Thursday, August 1st!

Bryan County Schools - Back to School Newspaper

Everything included to keep you informed with all the happenings of the Bryan County School System as we prepare for the 19-20 school year. Please use this document as a reference point for calendars, traffic patterns, supply lists & more!

1st Day of School at RHPS

We will have the car line up and running on the 1st day of school, but you may walk your child in Thursday. If walking in, please park on the field behind RHPS and you can enter at the back doors of each hall. Regular drop-off procedures begin on the 2nd day of school, so that we can begin building our normal morning routine with the students.

During open house, you will provide the teachers with information on how your child will go home each day. The 1st week of school we do begin our dismissal process a littler earlier than normal to ensure all students are in the appropriate area to be dismissed. Our arrival and dismissal process will take a little longer the 1st few weeks of school. Please be patient as everyone learns the traffic patterns and kids learn our dismissal process. Thank you for following the guidelines and established traffic patterns. It does get faster and more efficient each day.

Walker/Bike-rider - You must be approved to be a walker. Your residence must be within a 1 1/2 miles of the school for approval, as all other areas have bus service. Walker forms will be distributed on the 1st day of school to any student listed as a walker on their transportation information with their teacher.

Traffic Patterns for RHPS/RHES/GWC

Help us keep our car traffic flowing safely and efficiently by reviewing the established traffic patterns.
What's for lunch?

Click here to access the latest lunch menu and prices.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

ALL families are encouraged to apply for free/reduced lunch. In recent years, with changes in our economy, more students meet the guidelines to be eligible for free/reduced lunch.

School Nurse Notes

A healthy student is ready to learn! To ensure that your child has a healthy and successful school year, please take note of the following:

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night
  • Ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast each morning
  • Encourage daily exercise
  • Limit time spent on electronic devices such as watching TV, playing video games, or using a tablet or computer
  • Teach your child how and when to wash hands
  • When coughing and/or sneezing, cover mouth and nose with your upper arm or tissue instead of with your hand
  • Keep hands away from mouth, nose and eyes in order to prevent the spread of germs
  • Keep immunizations up to date

Do you have a child that needs to have medication in school? Students are NOT permitted to carry medication to/from school or be in possession of any medication except under specific circumstances. Medication of any form (over the counter or prescription) must be registered. Medications must be delivered by parent or guardian to the school clinic and signed in with the nurse.

Please remember to send a change of clothes in your child’s bookbag. We have a limited supply of extra clothes in the clinic.

I look forward to a healthy and safe school year at RHPS!

Stefanie Willis, RN BSN

RHPS School Nurse


Counseling Corner

Transition from being at home to school can be hard on your little one (and you). Here are some tips on helping you if your child is having difficulty with transition to school:

  • Develop a “goodbye” routine to say see you at the end of the day.
  • Reassure them that you will be back at the end of their day and that you will never leave them.
  • Have a ritual and don’t create a big fanfare when leaving.
  • Have a ritual when you pick them up.
  • Have them name 3 things they liked about their day when you see them at the end of the day.

List of Books that Help

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

I hate Goodbyes by Kathleen Szaj

When I Miss You by Cornelia Spelman

Don’t Forget To Come Back! By Robbie Harris

Remember, the school counselor is available to help if this is still a struggle after the first few weeks.

I am looking forward to an awesome year!

Allison Etheridge

RHPS School Counselor

PBIS and 7 Mindsets at RHPS

The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program is based upon a philosophy of recognizing positive contributions of students. Our goal is to help each child develop self-discipline. The home and school share the responsibility for developing good citizens. Parents, teachers, and students must work together to maintain a safe learning and positive learning environment.

As a part of PBIS, teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff will have responsibility to TEACH positive behavior expectations to students using the 7 Mindsets curriculum.

The 7 Mindsets are based on a three year research effort that began with the simple question: What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common? In search of the answer, we studied many of the happiest and most successful people who’ve ever lived. We reviewed the most extensive and important studies on personal achievement ever conducted. And we personally interviewed 400 leading experts, some of the most successful men and women of the 20th and 21st centuries.

What emerged from our research was a set of seven mental habits foundational to an enriched life. The 7 Mindsets are a comprehensive blueprint for happiness, intentionality and success, written in simple, powerful language to teach and activate success strategies for people to live the lives of their dreams.

You will find a brief description of each of the 7 Mindsets, along with a section with one immediate action you can take as parents to help instill a 7 Mindsets culture in your home. These will change the dynamic of daily life by invigorating children to tap into their unlimited potential.


We want you to be involved!

Community Education Before & After School Program

Welcome to Community Education's online registration and management website. Community Education is dedicated to building a strong community by offering life-long learning experiences through cultural, educational and recreational opportunities.

Comcast Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials offers low-cost Internet service, discounted computer equipment, & free digital literacy training to families with at least one child eligible in the National School Lunch Program or who attend a Title I school.

Upcoming dates...

  • July 26th and July 30th - Class Placement Communicated
  • July 30 - Open House - 4:00 - 6:00 PM
  • August 1 - First Day of School
  • September 2nd - Labor Day Holiday
  • September 3rd - Teacher work day/student holiday
  • September 4th - Lunch Visitors begin
  • September 27th - Fall Pictures
  • October 1st - PTSO Meeting

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