Crisis in Venezuela

The people are speaking

  • Venezuela's economy is in ruins
  • One person is quoted saying "I've seen people die on the operating table because we didn't have the basic tools for surgeries."
  • The government has passed laws for price controls
  • Most importers have stopped bringing goods into the Country
  • Goods that don't apply to price control primarily in the black market are skyrocketing
  • The price control law is supposed to keep Venezuelan's happy, by having everyday items such as milk, toilet paper, and cooking oil be sold at low prices
  • With other importers not bringing in goods Venezuela has barely any groceries or goods that are needed
  • With very little goods it causes Venezuelans to be angry and retaliate by protesting
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The government responds to the people

  • President Nicolás Maduro is cracking down on protesters and blames the U.S

  • The President of Venezuela believes that the U.S. is encouraging Venezuelans to protest

  • Government critics accused security forces of unnecessary violence against demonstrators

  • The Government killed a 14 year-old boy who was protesting with his classmates

  • The government detained several opposition politicians

  • Venezuelans are overthrowing the government