Marine Animals

By: Giselle Diaz

Why should we stop capturing marine animals?

Zoos, aquariums and marine parks are all just an example of the many places captured animals live in and where they perform for many spectators. There have been various cases that show marine animals die or be injured from being captured and put in a tank where they are not use to live. Not only do they die from being captured but the process for them to be captured is terrible, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel it says "One in five marine mammals died of uniquely human hazards or seemingly causes including capture shock, stress during transit, poisoning and routine medical care." A lot of these animals actually die earlier when they care captured than if they were in the wild. I believe we should put an end to this because these animals are supposed to be in the wild swimming or running freely not swimming in circles in a small tank.

How can we put an end to this?

It may be hard to stop but one of the few things that people can do is to stop visiting these marine parks,zoos, or aquariums and let them know this isn't right. You can also be involved with different animal organizations that do a lot to raise awareness for these animals.