Jest Clownin' Around

Clown Unit for Nailah Court No. 107

Jest Clownin' Around meets the 4th and 5th Monday's at 6:30pm at Moolah Temple

Jest Clownin' Around is a performing clown troupe that participates in parades, performances at local venues, entertaining the children Shriners Hospital St. Louis, and much more.

No previous experience in acting or being a clown is needed. The class is taught by an instructor who has over 30 years experience as a performing clown and even taught professional clowning at a local college. Before a clown goes before an audience they will undergo persona development, be taught skills of being a clown (juggling, making balloon animals. magic, etc), how to interact with audiences, and much more!

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What some of the current clowns have to say about Jest Clownin' around:

Our goal is to put smiles on the faces of all children we meet. We love to have fun with the children and bring happiness to all. Come join our clown unit and have some fun. - "PJ"

The best part of being a clown is that no one knows who you are. Put that face on and you can be silly or what ever you want to be. I have had folks during Vacation Bible School not know it was me even though I told them who I was. WHAT FUN ! ! ! Join us for lots of fun ! ! ! - "Mz. Scrapi"

Our unit "Jest Clownin' Around" benefits the children and adults by giving them meaningful performances and pure entertainment. The funds that we raise (along with the many other Masonic organizations) helps the hospital to continue their wonderful legacy of bringing children to their full potential while attending to their issues concerning their "differences". It also give us, as a unit and the court, as a whole, pride in being involved with such an important part of an organization that gives this wonderful gift to children in need. - "No Name Jane"