Andrea Lin Riemer

Auburn University -Educational Leadership

Dedicated Lifelong Learner

  • Professional educator and student in the pursuit of employment and service as a professor in a UCEA institution.
  • Innovative and motivated perfectionist seeking team-building and advancement opportunities with a professional learning community.
  • Outspoken advocate and leader seeking social justice in the form of equitable education for all students, at all times, in all places.
  • Modern teacher leader advancing classroom structure and delivery of instruction to reach the needs of all students, at all levels, everyday.

Contact Information

238 Kellie Ln
Auburn, AL 36830

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant for a project interested in learning more about the lives of persons who identify as LGBTQ and African American in the southern United States.

The appointment to the project came as a victory to me, as I was told that I did not have much of a chance, due to the fact that the lead researcher and professor was only interested in a candidate who did not already hold a full-time job. I am not only full-time but as an educator I am largely round-the-clock. I was convincing in my argument that I will continue to maintain the highest of standards for myself in all areas of my life, and my motivation for success is enough to sustain the most challenging of endeavors.

Instructional Lead Teacher--Mentor, Outward Bound best practices

As Instructional Lead Teacher I was privileged with additional professional development in an effort to equip me with the best strategies and skills for leadership, mentoring, and teaching. Through this experience I conducted walk through routines to offer feedback to colleagues, was the teacher representative serving on the board of directors, conducted small group professional development sessions, collaborated for best practices, and developed curriculum and lesson plans to be used throughout the school.