Mental Health Careers

Comparison of Four Major Health Careers


Daily Duties and Tasks: To assist others, care for them, process information.

education: 12 years training in college.

overall roles and responsiblites: psychiatist diagnose and treat people who have mental illness. Industrial psychiatrist help business deal with problem, such as uiolenee of drugs in the work place.

Salary: average 177,520

personal qulities: listen to others,understand ,ask questions.

exspress ideas clerly when spectating or writing.

read and understand written information.

think of new ideas about a topic.

Art theripist

Education: Must have bachlers degree. Then apply to a masters degree program in art theropy.

duties: Analyze data to determine the effect of the illness.

tasks: Treatment or therpy approcaoch.

overall roles: They are useful for people that struggle to communicate virbully or to exspress their feeling.


skills: Relate to peoples from all backgrounds creativly and imagination.

personal qulites: Non jungmental no attitube.


education: Anthropolgy,child devolopment.

tasks: Design reasearch studies, collect and analyze data , and interpret findiongs.

overallroles: Help parent with metal illness such as substance abuse ,anxiety disorder.

skills:Listen to another and ask questions exspress ideas clearly.

salary: 35,460-51,190


Education: complet one year training program at a community college or technical school.

salary: 29,680-56,000.

daily duties: working with paintients familes and with careers.

overall roles: promotting a recovery based approch to cave.

personal qulities:patience,thick skin,kindness