The Seamstress: Memoir of Survival

By: Sara Tuvel Bernstein


Seren was born into a large family in Romania during the holocaust. When she gets a scholarship to a school in Bucharest, her father doesn't want her to go but she goes anyways. When she is there one of her teachers starts to chant an antisemitic rant and she gets upset and throws a bottle at ink at him, getting herself expelled. Having not obeyed her father's orders to not go to the school she is ashamed to go back home. She stays in Bucharest and becomes an apprentice for a seamstress. Her talent helps her get into high Romanian society. After some tragic events her and her sister end up in a forced labor group. Eventually she ends up in Ravensbruck, a concentration camp for women where she has to survive, not only for herself but for her sister and friend as well.


Seren Tuvel: a young girl who was an apprentice for a seamstress and survivor of the holocaust.

Mr. Tuvel: A manager at a lumber mill and father of Seren

Mrs. Tuvel: Seren's mother

Jake: Seren's son who's wife helps write her story

Herman, Louise, Rose, Mendel, Meyer, Bertha, : Her half siblings from her dad's side

Eliezer, Zipporah and Esther: Her full siblings

Rachel: Her friend who was also an apprentice at the salon


I would recommend this book because it is very descriptive in what Seren went through but most importantly perspective of how Jews were treated and what went on in concentration camps.