Third Grade News

March/April 2016

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Music Concert

The 3rd grade music concert was on April 7th, 2016. If you were not here for it, you missed out a lot! On the recorder, the 3rd graders played Au Claire De La Lune, Latin Satin, Softly Falls The Rain, and Go To Sleep. The students sang Little By Little, Frog In The Bucket, Head and Shoulders Baby, Ding Dong Digidigidong, and If you Dance. The students had a great experience during the 3rd grade concert.
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Before and After

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Important Dates

Wednesday, 4/6- Panera Fundraiser for Elm; 4:00pm-8:00pm (Eat in or Carry Out)

Thursday, 4/7-3rd Grade concert 7:00pm

Tuesday, 4/12-Walpole Friends of Music performance for grades 3-5; 10:15am

PAC Meeting, 7:30pm

Wednesday, 4/13- Star Lab for 3rd grade

Friday, 4/15 Early Release, 12:20pm

Monday, April 18-Friday, April 22 -April Vacation

Monday, 4/25- School wide assembly (PBIS)

Tuesday, 4/26- PARCC pm session: 3rd grade ELA

Wednesday, 4/27- PARCC pm session: 3rd grade ELA

Thursday, 4/28- PARCC pm session: 3rd grade ELA

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Spread Positivity Campaign

At Elm Street School we've started a spread positivity campaign. We have a lot of bulletin boards around the school. Every day, kids will write a positive note and put it on one of the boards. We're trying to have people focus on all of the good in life and not the bad. We love to write and to get these notes . Each student in Mrs. Rizzo´s class has a book where they put positive notes that other people gave them. We hope that this will spread and have positive vibes all over the school.

Fitness Assembly

The fitness assembly was fun because you could see the teachers doing their favorite things. The kids played games with a teacher. Sadly, not everyone got picked to play the games. Our favorite activity was the hippity hop game. In the hippity hop game you had to bounce to the other side and then you had to try to find a healthy food picture. The fitness assembly was a fun thing to watch or play.


In math, we have been studying geometry. We are beginning to study different types of triangles. The different triangles are acute triangles, right triangles, obtuse triangles, isosceles triangles, scalene triangles, and equilateral triangles.

We have already learned about lines. There are lines, line segments, parallel lines, intersecting lines, and perpendicular lines. You need lots of practice to understand all of the geometry terms. Even though geometry has been confusing to many people, I’m pretty sure everyone in the classroom including us and Mrs. Rizzo could say that this has been a very fun topic to learn about.

Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Sure Sign of Spring

Thank you Falvey family!
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End of the day game of Double Shutter