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A Note From Ms. Salazar...

We had a fun-filled and busy week! Students wrapped up our Communities Unit by presenting their very own communities. We will finish out last weeks of school by studying the Solar System.

Important Upcoming Dates

6/8-6/12 Spirit Week-See Information Below

6/8 Bookworm Assembly 145 PM- 230 PM, APR

6/8 School Store, APR, 1150-1240

6/10 Boosterthon Fun Run-Click Here For Schedule

6/11 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 630 PM

6/12 Paver Order Deadline-See information Below

6/17 Field Day, 845AM-See Information Below

6/17-6/19 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

6/18 5th Grade Lip Sync, 10 AM

6/19 Awards Assembly, 9 AM

6/19 Last Day Of School, 1230 PM Dismissal

6/19 Report Cards Available on Genesis, Preschool-5th Grade, 1230 PM

Spirit Week!

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Social Studies-Communities Presentations!


By Clare and Holly

Are you wondering what we did this week in Math? Reviewed coordinate points! We learned a new song to it. It goes: Hey class! Hey what? Are you ready? For what? To plot. Plot what? Coordinate points. Our hands are high, our feet are low and this is how we plot our points. Over and up, over and up, over and up, over and up. We also made our own points. Once Ms. Salazar checks them we will switch and try to figure our the shape. Coordinate grids are when you have two numbers. For example: (5,8) You would go over 5 then up 8. We made our own grids by first plotting dots like this. Ms Salazar said we could have a max of 13 points. That’s what we did in Math!

Super Science

By Aliyah and Luca
Have you ever wondered why Earth has light or why we have an atmosphere? Here are your answers. Gravity makes planets into a ball and atmosphere protects us from too much heat, but keeps heat in. But in class we shared what we know and what we want to know. We also made astronauts of ourselves to put badges on. Earth is the only planet with life, because it is the perfect distance from the sun, it has liquid water and an atmosphere. So it is the only planet that can have life. That is why Science is Super Super!

Greenfield Hall

By Sophie and AJ

Have you ever been to Greenfield Hall? Well we have! When we were there we learned so much! We also had a lot of fun!! It was amazing.

At Greenfield Hall we learned that John Gill built the house for his second wife Elizabeth French. She live in Moorestown and John Gill wanted to marry her and she said “If you make this house look like the house I have in Moorestown I will marry you”. In the bedroom there was something call a Busybody. It was made for you to see out of the windows to see someone on the porch. If you didn’t want the person to come in the house you wouldn’t go downstairs and open the door. If you wanted them to come in you would run down the stairs and open the door. The beds were very, very different than ours. It had ropes to hold the bed up and the mattress was made out of a blanket but stuffed with feathers or hay or whatever was easy to find. We also made butter and corn bread that was delicious. Then we ate lunch in the field at Greenfield Hall. We had an awesome field trip and we hope you visit Greenfield Hall too!
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Radical Reading

By Maya & George

It was SILENT………… The only sound was pages rustling……..


That’s right! In reading we got assigned new chapter books. We also reviewed reading is

thinking. That means you make connections with the book while you're reading. We recorded our thinking on post-its. Then we stuck them in our books. Then, we did a fun activity!!! We learned about articles and did a whole packet. Articles are a/an. For example: You are an awesome girl. You put an if a vowel is after it. Otherwise you put an a. We had a rockin’ good time!