Costa Rican Field Study Update

May Newsletter

What should I bring to Costa Rica?

Your packing list...

1. Up-to-date Passport (if US, good for three months from day of arrival)

2. Clothing is EXTREMELY CASUAL. It can be hot, cold, sunny and wet all in one day

3. Shorts for hiking and hanging out

4. T-Shirts, polo shirts, or hiking shirts

5. Pair of long pants or jeans for hikes

6. Bathing suits (good to have 2 because sometimes you need a 2nd before 1st is dry)

7. Water shoes with straps for rafting, zip-lining, and kayaking

8. Flip-flops for shower or getting up at night.

9. Light jacket or hoodie (gets cool in the evening)

10 . Light rain coat that you can keep in your backpack – you will use it daily

11. Hats and sunglasses, bug spray

12. Sunscreen – sun is very intense, and then it rains!

13. Camera and camera cards, alarm clock OR a phone that does it all

14. Toiletry items

15. Prescription meds (pack at least 2-day supply in carry-on) must be clearly labeled

16. Dramamine – your new best friend & mine, I like to keep the bus clean!

17. Large Ziploc bags for traveling from hotel to hotel with wet bathing suits or wet dirty shoes, also to keep iPhone dry in your day pack.

18. Day pack/ Back pack

19. Charger for your iPhone

20. Bug spray

May 28th Manadotory Parent & Student Meeting

Wednesday, May 28th, 6-7pm

1285 N McKinley Rd

Lake Forest, IL

Room 34

@ O'Hare airport

Monday, June 9th

When you arrive at O'Hare airport, proceed to Terminal 3 for Spirit Airlines. Please look for Sra. Serrato standing on the curb. She will inform you which door to walk through to meet the next chaperone, who will be waiting inside that door with the group. We will all check in together as a group. We will all go through security as a group. We will all proceed to the gate as a group. Please be on time so that we can begin the check in process and have sufficient time to go through security and walk to the gate together.

You will need to be a t the airport with your luggage and passport at 3:45 a.m.

Friday, June 20

The group will be arriving on Spirit Airlines on Flight NK457 @ 9 p.m. We will be on the lower level at Baggage Claim in Terminal 3. Please make sure to tell Sra. Serrato when you pick up your child. It is important that I know that all students have left with their parent/guardian and that they are safely on their way home.

Note: There is a stop over in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida between San Jose and Chicago. Students will be able to call you on their cell phones and let you know if we have been substantially delayed and the new arrival time, if applicable.

Can a friend's parent pick me up from the airport?

Yes, carpooling is highly encouraged. However, if you are picking up another student beside your own child, Sra. Serrato MUST receive a permission form from the child's parent stating the name of the adult that will be picking the child up. Please use the form below.

If you are picking up your own child, you do not need to fill out the form.

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Mary Beth Nawor, Co-sponsor of Costa Rican Field Study 2014

Drea Serrato, co-sponsor of Costa Rican Field Study 2014

Tom Ranieri, President of Costa Rican Resources