The New York Colony

By Ryan Passmore


We all know that New York is one of the four important states,but many things happened before it ever became a state.The Algonquis and Iroquis were Native Americans who were the first people two live in the area that is now New York.Later Spanish and other explorers started to arrived.By September 8,1664 the Englist had taken over the New yor colony.It took many generations of people from many different countries to develop the New York colony.

The Earlist Inhabitants of New york

The earliest inhabitants of New York were Native Americans. The Native tribes were the Algonquis and Iroquis. The first Native people lived in these huge houses called Iong houses. These houses were made out of wood and bark.Man got food by hunting,fishing and farming but if they couldn't find any food they would go to Ohio and Canada plus men had one meal a day.Second women were the brains of the family and men were the muscle.The Iroquis name means " real adder" which means Iroquis.Indians most important food was corn because it made something tastes bad to good.When they planted a seed they put a dead fish in a hole to give it nutrients.lndians will be remember for help us survive winter.They played a big part in settling New York.

European Explorers Arriving in New York

Later Spanish and other explorers started to arrived.When Eurpeans arrived in North America the CONTINENT was already home to many groups of Native people.The Spanish and French were some of the earliest EXPLORERS to arrived in New York.New York got its name from when English got control.Kids had go for 251 days if Dutch.Dutch named the colony New Amstterdam.Then it was called the New Netherland.People that were Dutch yelled out " Wildones" Indians were going to attack.The Eurpeans bought Manhattan lsland for $ 243 dollars.These Eurpeans all brought their CULTURES with to help developlop New York.

The English Take Over

By September 8,1664 the English had taken over New York.They chose Sir Edunds Andros as the first governor.However,by 1690 the colony only had 14,000 people who were not Native.This was because the rich owned most of the good land.Also France joined with the Natives to attack the colonies of New York,New Hamshire,and Massachusetts.This was the French and Indian war.All of these things helped make New York the state it is today.


The New York Colony became one of one of our most popular states because of the hard work of the early people who lived there many years ago. The first to live there were the Native Americans. Then many European explorers started to arrive. Later the English explorers started to arrive and gained control until the Revolutionary War. These early settlers all played a part in New York's history.


Continent One of the great divisions of land as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australla or Antarctica. Explorers A person who travel in search of geography or scientific information. Cultures The beliefs, custom, arts, etc, of a particular, group, place or time.


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