The Weekly Newsletter

October 10-14

The Pajama Party was awesome!

Everyone was participating! Everyone looked great! Taking this picture was an adventure! Some very silly and very scary faces in there.

...and no, Javion and I did not plan on matching.

Math Assessment!

This Friday and Monday we will be taking our first math test on fractions! So encourage them to look at their math work or do some FrontRow practice over the weekend! After fractions we will be moving onto working with decimals.

Book Fair!!!!

The book fair is next Tuesday! it is completely optional but the whole class will be going down to the cafeteria for it. The students will have about 20 minutes down there to make their selections. The sheets for the book fair went home Wednesday.

We are close to another 1,000 tickets!

The school is very close to another 1,000 HEART tickets! Again these are earned through genuine displays of HEART! Our class is doing an awesome job!

Recess reminder

It is getting a little colder! So just a reminder please have the children bring the appropriate clothes for colder weather (coats, hats, gloves).

Happy October BDAYS

Javion Johnson on the 8th

and Arianna Greenlaw on the 26th