News from Mrs. Floyd's Class Room

5th-8th Math and Science

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are moving along in math. 8th graders are working on linear functions in math and 7th graders are learning geometry, specifically the angle measurements of the outsides of polygons. 6th graders are practicing factoring and using 'trees' to keep track. 5th graders are learning to multiply two-digit numbers using mental math, always a handy skill to have. This will support them well as they move farther into numbers and operations.


Fifth and sixth graders are learning to saturate a solution and what that means. This is something they can try at home. With your permission, they can put as much sugar or salt into cold water as it will hold. If it is collecting on the bottom of a container it is saturated. If they heat the water, they will be able to add even more. When this solution cools, it is now super-saturated!

Seventh and eighth graders are still working on speed and making speed graphs and working on calculations for average speed and distance when speed and time is known. The tie-in with math is really a wonderful thing!