The Independence Of Singapore.

This Flyer Will Tell Everything About Singapore Independence

So,Singapore Had Separated From Malaysia On The 9th August 1965.The Separation Meant Instant Independence For Singapore.This Separation Had Put Lee Kuan Yew Into A Horrible Dilemma Because He Had To Manage The Whole Of Singapore With The Help Of Just A Few Men.

This Independence Had Took A Major Draw Over Singapore As It Now Is Classified As Sovereign State.Many Had Objections,Many Thought That The Decision Was Right Because The Merger Had Caused Many Riots Over Malaya,And To Stop Further Bloodshed The Tengku Had Decide To Separate Singapore From Them.

Nobody Had Knew That Lee Kuan Yew Would Give Singapore Success Than Rather Destruction.At Those Days Handling The Jobs Singapore's Minister Was The Hardest,Why?Singapore's Infrastructure Had Not Even Been Completed,So Then It Was Lee Kuan Yew's Job To Complete Singapore And Build A New More Prosperous Nation.

This Was The Significance Of The Independence.Thank You For Your Cooperation:)