The American Dream in the 1920's

Sabrina Struk & Brittany Baran

The American Dream

• The American Dream ensures that no one is legally prevented from achieving their potential and contributing to society. The American Dream began in the early days around the American settlement, which was when immigrants were seeking for opportunities.

• The American Dream is protected by the Declaration of Independence.

• The American Dream as it has shown up in countries all around the world.

Transition into the 1920s

• The American Dream during the 1920 changed from being mainly about hope to being all about wealth. Many people started to focus more on materialistic goals rather of moral values. People just wanted to be live freely. During the 1920s everyone wanted to be ranked as a upper-class of the economic pyramid.

The history of The American Dream

• Many presidents began supporting The American Dream. President Lincoln provided The American Dream opportunity towards some slaves. President Wilson supported votes on women rights.

Big role in novel The Great Gasby

• In the Great Gatsby many characters seek to be on top of the social rank. In the novel of The Great Gatsby Myrtle wants to be considered upper-class women more then anything, so she decides by having an affair with Tom. Myrtle felt like if she hung around with wealthy people therefore she was considered wealthy as well.
The American Dream of the 1920s-30s