Spring Conferences 2015

By: Akina Yada

My Strengths as a 7th Grade Student Are...

My strengths are i can speak in front of my classes with no problem. Another one is that i am i very good writer. I have been told i can have very powerful endings of my short stories and essays.

My Struggles as a 7th Grade Student Are...

My struggles are talking in class sometimes. Another one is being lazy with my work sometimes as well. Another struggle for me is math. Basic math i understand very well like multiplying and dividing and addition and subtraction and decimals and variables. But one thing i can understand sometimes and other times can't are fractions. I'm a lot better with a pen and paper writing a story.

My Grades This Quarter (See Below)

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My Extra-Curricular Activites

I was involved with Softball in the beginning of the year, I going to join Volleyball and i'm in a after school science group STARS.

My GPA graph and My goal

My GPA in the beginning of the year was a 3.8. My GPA has dropped and risen since then and now it it currently 3.3. My goal is to get back my 3.8 and keep it there because i was very proud of myself when i had the 3.8.
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