US-Canada Relationship!

By: Karli Sublett

Connections Between the US and Canada


Having one of the world's largest investment relationships, Canada and the US are each others top 5 largest foreign investors, the US being Canada's 1st and Canada being the US's 3rd. The US's investment is usually in Canada's mining and smelting industries, petroleum, and chemicals. The manufacture of machinery and transportation equipment, and finance also play a major role in the US's investment. Canadian investment in the United States is generally in finance and insurance, manufacturing, banking, retail trade, and other services.
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After the war of 1812 where America had invaded parts of then British North-America, the border between the countries were demilitarized (remove all military forces) and remained peaceful. Because of this border being demilitarized, lots of trade and migration has gone through the borders allowing for closer social interactions between the countries which came closer after the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.
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Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan were historically close, so close to the point where negotiations on a potentially free trade agreement were made to be finalized under the president of that time, George H. W. Bush. The US and Canadian government have had some pretty good friendships/tolerances such as Chretien and and Clinton who were golfing partners to Harper and Obama who settled winnings with beer. The politics between these two countries are nothing more than a friendship.
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