Fresh Water and Salt Water

Where do you find it?

Our planet is Earth. Water covers most of our planet. Almost all of that water is salt water. Salt water is very salty. People, animals, and plants need freshwater to live. Freshwater is not salty. Earth does not have as much freshwater as salt water. People should remember to use freshwater carefully. They should never waste it. Where is Earth’s freshwater Freshwater is found in rivers, lakes, and streams. It can also be found under the ground. Machines pump the water to the surface for people to use.

Fresh Water


Lakes are large bodies of water. They are surrounded by land. Lakes usually have fresh water, but some lakes have salt water. The Great Salt Lake in Utah is a saltwater lake. Lake water does not move from place to place. A lake is water surrounded by land.

Here are some pictures of Grapevine Lake, which is a fresh water lake in our city.


Rivers are filled with fresh water that moves from one place to another. The water in rivers comes mostly from rain. Rivers usually flow into oceans. A river is water that runs through land.

Here are some pictures of rivers in the United States.

Streams and Creeks

Streams and creeks are also bodies of moving fresh water. They are smaller than rivers. Streams and creeks can come together and form larger streams or rivers. Streams and creeks are water that runs through land.

Here are some pictures of streams and creeks around the United States.


There is fresh water underground. It is called groundwater. You need a well and pump to get this water above ground so people can use it. People need clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Many people around the world do not have clean water. In some parts of Africa, women and girls have to walk miles to get clean water.

For kids in parts of Africa, they can play on a merry go round as a way to get clean water to their communities. How? The merry-go-rounds pump water out of the ground. They are called PlayPump water systems. Watch the video below to see how this merry go round helps an African village get fresh water.

Salt Water


Oceans are the largest bodies of water on Earth. You probably know that ocean water is

salty. Do you know why? It is mainly because rain brings salt from the land and into the ocean! Here is how that happens: Rain falls onto rocks. The rainwater breaks down salt and minerals from the rocks. The water mixes with the salt and minerals. Then it flows into the oceans. Scientists have discovered two other sources of salty ocean water. Some salt comes from underwater volcanoes. Other salt spurts from Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes heated vents on the ocean floor. Most ocean salt, however, starts on land.